Life-Changing Online Therapy: 7 Points to Note Before Starting

What is online therapy? How does it work? What are the key features? Where to get reliable and convenient help? Find out all about it & more here.

Mar 5, 2021 6:00 AMMar 25, 2021 7:19 PM
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Online Psychotherapy: All You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Therapy Platform

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” — Glenn Close

We all need mental support and guidance. It’s okay to bring our worries, issues, and life challenges out of the shadows and seek help to cope with them. Everyone deserves to lead a happy and meaningful life.

And psychotherapy is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal! Mental health professionals are the people you can surely rely on, revealing all your emotions and feelings. An open, frank dialog with them can make you calm, improve your self-esteem, address all struggles, and bring a positive mindset to your life. Their support is a key to your happiness.

Have you ever been looking for the opportunity to reach out to a therapist quickly?

Do you consider getting convenient mental health help?

Are you dreaming about making more time for improving your well-being?

It’s all possible today with online therapy — an effective solution for your emotional problems. It’s in a click away, and is accessible on:

●       Your smartphone

●       Laptop

●       Tab

●       PC

All you need is a stable Internet connection and the desire to change your life.

What is online therapy & counseling? What are the benefits and downsides? How to not go wrong while choosing the platform?

Here’s everything to know before you sign up for any counseling website.

What Is Online Therapy, and How Does It Work?

Modern-day technology has made professional mental support more accessible and affordable. And teletherapy is a highly preferred option by people who seek convenient help and want to balance work, family, and well-being improvement time. 

E-therapy is 1-on-1 psychotherapy via the Internet and your gadgets. It provides many opportunities for a counselor and a client to hold sessions and communicate remotely. Online therapy is a perfect option to quickly find a licensed therapist and get better anytime, from the comfort of your home (or wherever you wish).

What are the means for having online sessions?

●       Text messaging

●       Live videos

●       Emails

●       Online chats

●       Phone calls

●       Group chats, etc.

These are possible on companies’ websites, via apps, interactive platforms. The options are many. And the best thing is that e-counseling saves your time. Besides, it considers your schedule. 

Teletherapy is a real evolution of how people can get much-needed help from professionals. Meanwhile, platforms ensure all necessary conditions to attract highly experienced and licensed mental health professionalists.

Why can online counseling be the best fit for your needs? Find out below.

Online Vs. In-Office Therapy: A Quick Comparison

Perhaps you have some doubts about online counseling. That’s natural. But this innovative model of psychotherapy provision proves to be quite beneficial. In some aspects, it’s even better than traditional therapy.

What are the advantages of e-therapy over an in-office one?

●       You don’t have to wait weeks to schedule an appointment and start therapy.

●       You can communicate with a counselor from the comfort of your couch at any time. Note: some people prefer the physical presence of a counselor more.

●       You don’t have to travel and feel the emotional pressure from counseling rooms.

●       You can easily change your therapist if you don’t “click” with them.

●       You have access to qualified therapists and can find the most suitable one quickly;

●       You can save some money, choosing a preferable package, and avoid extra expenses. Note: websites’ pricing models vary, and not all of them accept insurance.

●       You can stay anonymous.

We haven’t told you the most important thing: e-therapy can be as effective as a traditional one. It's especially a good option for treating anxiety, depression, and stress-related issues.

However, every case is unique. For severe mental health disorders that require intensive care, online therapy might be not the best option. And for life-threatening situations, it’s necessary to seek immediate help.

Why People Prefer Online Therapy: 4 Key Undoubted Reasons

The advent of teletherapy became a life-changing event for everyone globally. And there are certain benefits that people gain from online mental help, except the professional guidance and support. What are they?


Just imagine: you can talk with your therapist at any time. Professional guidance is just at your fingertips. You don’t have to plan your trip from home/work to a counseling office, waste time in traffic jams, or worry about being late.

Just find a cozy private space, log in, and join the scheduled session. If your therapy is via asynchronous messaging, you have a lot of time to better think out your questions, feelings, concerns, and reflect on your counselor’s answers.

Besides, in light of the social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, online psychotherapy is more than a benefit — it’s a necessity.


E-therapy accessibility goes far beyond cross-platform ease of use. People with physical disabilities, tight schedules, or those living in distant locations, can enjoy access to quality therapy services anytime.

Any gadget, microphone (not necessary for messaging therapy), and a stable Internet connection are all equipment you need.


If you don’t want to sit in waiting rooms with other people, e-therapy can be your choice. Also, if you wish to stay anonymous for your therapists, too, it’s possible on such services. There's no physical contact. Why is it a benefit?

Sometimes, you can be just not comfortable with sharing your intimate details with another person. It’s okay. And during online therapy, you can reveal all your feelings sincerely, develop trust with your counselor, and not worry about the violation of your privacy.

But first, you should make sure that the platform is secure and uses encryption to protect your data.


Most therapy providers consider your schedule while connecting you with your counselor. Thus you don’t have to postpone your plans and choose the appointment to the detriment to your personal time. You can juggle work, family duties, hobbies, and make time for therapy effortlessly.

Besides, you can request a therapist switch or cancel the subscription without any stressful situations for you. But note that every company has its own terms. Some are easier to quit, others — may have more complicated processes.

There Are Also 4 Cons You Should Note

First thing first, online therapy is not for everyone. It may be not effective for severe mental health disorders and people who find articulating their emotions via the Internet difficult.

For some, body language and other subtle cues — absent in text and limited in video sessions — are vital for the whole communicational picture and better understanding.


●      Finding a private and quiet place for therapy is sometimes impossible.

●      Technical issues: glitches, slow Internet connection, blackout, bugs… All these can even trigger stress and anxiety.

How Much Is Online Therapy?

The bonus benefit of teletherapy is its affordability. Of course, the prices vary from platform to platform, with their specific calculations and factors that affect the cost. Also, a lot depends on the package you choose (monthly, weekly, etc.) and the special offers you grab (if any).

The average prices are $50-$70 per week. However, there are also some free online therapy & counseling sites with a limited range of services.

For more information, you should contact customer support teams of every company.

How to Choose the Best Online Therapy Platform?

Although there are many mental help providers online, you should check certain points to choose the right option. 

Here’s what to pay attention to and ask yourself while deciding on the therapy services:

●       Firstly, will teletherapy help in my case? Is it for me?

●       Can it provide a safe therapy space and protect my information?

●       Are the platform’s mental health professionals licensed?

●       What are the issues they can deal with?

●       Do they have a professional in my state/area?

●       Is there reliable customer support?

●       Can I change a therapist or cancel a subscription easily?

●       Are the prices and payment methods convenient for me?

●       What about the reviews?

Go through each question. Test websites, ask questions, read FAQs, see what others say, find services that provide comparisons of therapy platforms. Check everything to make an informed decision and find the right option.

Your mental health deserves the best!

The Calmerry Platform: Why to Try Therapy There

Calmerry is one of the most popular online therapy services in 2021 and the option you include in your check-list. It’s considered a good fit for cost-conscious customers.

As it’s known, Calmerry was established during the COVID-19 pandemic — quite a challenging time that affected the mental health of many people globally. Thus, the main goal of the service is to make counseling & therapy services more accessible and affordable for everyone.

What are the pros?

●     Calmerry provides an evidence-based therapy to treat different mental health issues

●      Fully-licensed therapists with many years of hands-on clinical experience

●      Affordable therapy services — from $45 per week

●      Unlimited text messaging & live video sessions

●      Possibility to choose weekly plans

●      Trained client-therapist matching agents

●      24/7 friendly customer support team

●      Easy cancellation

●      Free therapist switching

●      4.98/5 Sitejabber, 4.6/5 Trustpilot

What are the cons?

●      A relatively new platform

●       Some clients report technical issues during live video sessions

●       You can’t choose a therapist on your own

●       No free trial

What’s So Special About Calmerry?

Calmerry is a great option for clients who want to get value for their money. The service sets new standards for the niche, providing a nice balance of affordability & convenience. 

Calmerry offers mental help, considering your schedule. There, online therapy is accessible from any device, in any place, at any time. You can choose asynchronous text therapy or include live video sessions — whatever you prefer; this platform may be a good fit for your lifestyle.

How Does It Work?

Here’s how to start a therapy there:

1. Sign up.

2. Fill out a brief survey. Provide some information about yourself and indicate the problems you want to cope with.

3. Choose the preferred payment method and therapy plan. You can be billed weekly or monthly.

4. Wait till their matching agents find the right counselor for your needs and preferences. Usually, clients are matched with therapists within 24 hours.

5. Meet your counselor and improve your mental health daily.

Want to change a therapist or have some questions? You can contact their customer support team round-the-clock. Additionally, if you’re new to online counseling, Calmerry provides an informative interactive guide on starting your therapy journey and the platform itself.

Who Should Use It?

Calmerry has licensed and experienced clinical social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and licensed professional counselors. They are ready to help people cope with such mental issues as:

●      Anxiety

●      Stress

●      Depression

●      Grief

●      Trauma

●      Low self-esteem

●      PTSD

●      OCD

●      Anger

●      Emotional abuse

●      Eating & sleep disorders

●      Relationship issues

●      LGBTQIA+ issues & more

If you struggle with emotional challenges, e-counseling is the most affordable and accessible way to get quality care. You can consider mental health support from such online platforms as Calmerry. 

In any case, never delay the care for your well-being. Seek professional guidance. Learn some coping skills. Talk to a person you can trust and ease your emotional burden.

Final Word

Online therapy has many benefits. It opens up new opportunities for people who need professional support and advice. Although it’s not a perfect fit for all cases, and there are some limitations, it decreases the stigma about getting therapy and encourages awareness.

Improving your mental health and striving for a fulfilling life isn’t a shame. It’s a priority. Start changing your life. Choose what suits your needs. You deserve the best!

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