Hey guys, if you want the ladies to dig your B.O., eat more veggies!



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Image: Flickr/David ShankboneYour sense of smell probably has a bigger impact on your life than you think. In fact, there are scientists who study how smells affect the choices we make every day, including choosing partners. So, when it comes your own B.O., you have a couple of options: you can try to mask the stink with deodorant, or you can make the best of what you've got. According to this study, if you go with the latter, you'd might think about joining a CSA, because the more produce you eat, the better your B.O. smells. And there's a bonus: your skin gets a sexy "glow" from the carotenoids. But be careful not to overdo it--you don't want to end up stuck on the toilet looking like Trump!Diet quality and the attractiveness of male body odor "Human axillary sweat may provide information pertaining to genetic relatedness and health status. A significant contributor to good health, both in the short and longer term, is a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. In this study we tested whether dietary fruit and vegetable intake, assessed indirectly by skin spectrophotometry (assessing dietary carotenoid intakes) and subjectively by food frequency questionnaire, were associated with more pleasant smelling sweat. Male participants provided axillary sweat samples and dietary information. Female participants then evaluated these samples on several affective, qualitative and psychophysical dimensions. The skin spectrophotometry measure (CIELab b*), indicative of greater fruit and vegetable intake, was significantly associated with more pleasant smelling sweat (with more floral, fruity, sweet and medicinal qualities), independent of sweat intensity. Self-report dietary data revealed that fat, meat, egg and tofu intake was associated with more pleasant smelling sweat, and greater carbohydrate intake with stronger smelling less pleasant sweat. These data parallel facial judgments, in which yellower more carotenoid rich skin, is found to be more attractive." Related content: Women can identify men with gonorrhea by their smell.How to keep your dirty laundry smelling like B.O.Study proves "old person smell" is real.

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