GhostBed Reviews: Everything you need to know on GhostBed Mattress

By Laura Anderson
Jun 2, 2021 5:00 AMAug 10, 2021 4:35 PM


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Get your search finally complete and satisfied on online purchase with this GhostBed Mattress. Here the GhostBed Mattress has been crafted out of a blend of gel-infused memory foam, aerated latex for cooling and strong, high-density poly foam. GhostBed comes with best support and pressure relief while sleeping. This brand is known for its thoughtful beds, but even so, customers may be reluctant to try them based on their reputation alone.  

Come on Guys!! If you are thinking about getting a GhostBed mattress for yourself check out the reviews with different options which they offer. Below, we will offer an extensive review on the GhostBed to help you get as familiar with it as you possibly can without lying down on it yourself.  

Pros and Benefits of GhostBed   

Below are some of the main advantages of GhostBed neatly wrapped up:   

  • Excellent temperature regulation thanks to the many cooling layers, including the latex and the gel-infused foam 

  • Included compression layer offers enough room to sink into for side sleepers without sinking in too much 

  • Has a balance of both a soft and a firm feel, making it good for couples on different positions 

  • It is especially good for combination sleepers, where many beds are typically only good for one sleeping position or the other 

  • Offers good support for the lower back to promote proper sleeping posture, especially for those who sleep on their back  

  • A lower amount of odors come off of the GhostBed compared to others of its kind  

  • Offers pain relief along the back and shoulders for back sleepers 

First level of Comfort with Firm position on GhostBed  

The level of firmness is subjective, but this GhostBed mattress can still be attributed to being around a level seven on a scale of ten in terms of firmness. When it is compared to industry standards of 6.5 to indicate medium firmness, this bed feels just slightly firmer. The main feel of the bed can be described as supportive and bouncy, so it still isn't too firm. While you will enjoy some nice contouring using the middle layer of memory foam, it doesn't give you as much lift as latex and high-density poly foam. Even so, its firmness and softness balance is likely ideal for those who sleep on both their backs and sides in the middle of the night. 

Who gets the Best Fit from GhostBed Mattress?   

Everyone prefers different things when it comes to their beds, and so one mattress is typically not a one size fits all choice. It is important to consider the features of the bed according to your body weight, height and preferred position for sleeping. It is an all-foam mattress that is layered and layered to provide plenty of support though it is still quite bouncy. If that is the type of bed that suits you, read on.  

GhostBed is highly suggested for:   

  • Hot sleepers. The breathable soft cover and naturally cooling latex help you to remain cool throughout the night. Pair this with gel-infused memory foam and you can enjoy plenty of airflow throughout the night.   

  • Combination sleepers. This bed has a bouncy and responsive touch and feel that makes it easy for those who like to sleep in various positions to easily switch around. Most beds are typically better for one over the other, but this one is comfortable enough for all of it. It will help combo sleepers not feel like they are stuck in the bed.   

  • Back sleepers. Back sleepers, in particular, will likely do well on this mattress. It brings plenty of support, which helps to keep spinal alignment nice and straight. It does this while also bringing pressure relief to the lower back especially through its proper support.  

  • Stomach sleepers - Similarly, the GhostBed might be ideal for stomach sleepers with the latest edition of GhostBed Luxe. Stomach sleepers may need a firmer mattress that offers extra support. GhostBed Flex can provide the support for Stomach Sleepers which can bring in the best comfort the customer is looking for.  

GhostBed can be recommended if you are:   

  • Strict side sleepers - If you sleep only on your side or mostly on your side, the GhostBed gives minimum options where the customer can select only Luxe or 3D Matrix. This is because the bed is quite soft enough to feel comfortable other than GhostBed Original or Flex.  

Best Relief from All Pains   

For many, pain relief is important when it comes to sleeping. The ability to provide pain relief is closely related to the ability of the mattress to provide pressure relief around the lower back, shoulders and hips.   

  • Back pain. The GhostBed is thought to be a good choice for those who experience back pain. The bed puts very little pressure on the back and instead tends to alleviate that pressure almost entirely, offering firm support that will help you stay in a healthier sleep posture throughout the night. If you often wake up with a sore back, this GhostBed mattress may be the bed for you.  

  • Joint Pain. This mattress comes up with the top solution for Joint Pain which can support and alleviate your pain in the Joints that lowers you movement of the muscles.   

  • Shoulder pain. Those who have shoulder pain may not benefit from sleeping on the GhostBed. This is especially true for those who sleep for long periods on their sides. It tends to put a little more pressure on the hips, shoulders and elbows than it does on the rest of the body, which may be uncomfortable for long-term side sleepers.   

  • Hip pain. In the same vein, those who suffer from hip pain may not benefit from sleeping on the GhostBed. It has a firmer feel and naturally puts more pressure on the hips, so it isn't the best choice for those looking for pressure relief around the hips.  

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Performance of the GhostBed Mattress  

There are a few performance features you'll want to consider before committing to the GhostBed.  

GhostBed Mattress on Various Sleeping Positions  

Depending upon your preferred sleeping positions and your body weight, you may have a different set of needs in terms of support. Take a generalized look at what different sleep positions you can expect with the GhostBed.   

Chances for Lighter Sleepers Below 130 Pounds   

  • Light side sleepers. Those on the lighter side who sleep on their sides may find the bed is too firm and does not offer pressure relief along the hips and shoulders like they may prefer.   

  • Light Combo side sleepers. For those who may belong to the Light weight category and sleep on their Sides and prefer combo sleeping can utilize this GhostBed mattress which is the ideal solution for a Good Night’s Sleep.   

  • Light back sleepers. Back sleepers who are lighter in weight will feel quite comfortable on the GhostBed, as it offers plenty of bouncy support when lying on your back. 

Average Sleepers who fall in GhostBed Weight Category Between 130 and 250 Pounds  

  • Average side sleepers. While you may feel a little pressure relief on your hips and shoulders, it may be too firm for sleeping on your side long term. If you are a side sleeper that switches between your side and back, this might be comfortable enough for you.   

  • Average back sleepers. The memory foam layer helps provide plenty of contouring around the lumbar region, while the high-density poly foam and latex work together to keep you positioned perfectly on top of the bed.   

  • Average stomach sleepers. An average-weight stomach sleeper may not enjoy the bed because it may seem too soft. If you sleep on your stomach, you're likely to need more support along the hips to give you proper spinal alignment as you sleep.  

Heavy Sleepers Over 250 Pounds for Whom GhostBed would Fit  

  • Heavy back sleepers. Those who prefer to sleep on their back may like the GhostBed because of its latex layer that helps to curb any sinking into the foam, providing you the support you need throughout the night.   

  • Heavy side sleepers. Heavy side sleepers will likely want a different mattress. The comfort foams may not be enough to provide the support that you're after, leaving you practically sleeping on the firmer base foams. This defeats much of the purpose of the many layers of this bed.   

  • Heavy stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers over 250 pounds may not get the support they need with the GhostBed. It is likely to cause uncomfortable pressure on the hips and lower back. 

Consideration for Couples with GhostBed  

When more than one person sleeps on a bed, it means there are extra needs to be taken into account. Not everyone sleeps the same or has a preference when it comes to firmness and softness, so making sure you have a bed that is comfortable for both parties before purchasing it is important. There are a few things that couples pay attention to when looking for new beds such as motion transfer, edge support and cooling.  

Simple ways to handle Movements on Combo Sleeping  

Motion transfer is defined as the movement that can be detected from one side of the bed to the other. Those who are light sleepers are probably familiar with the feeling of waking up every single time their partner moves in the bed and may want something that moves less. This is especially true for those who sleep not just with a partner but a restless child or a pet that can't be still.   

GhostBed has pretty high motion transfer, so you are likely to feel the movement from one side of the bed across the other. Boiled down, this means if you sleep with someone who moves around a lot and that is something that often wakes you up, this might not be the best bed for you.   

Best Support for GhostBed Edge Sleepers  

Edge support addresses how well supported you can feel when you are laying on the side of the mattress. A mattress that has good edge support will feel bigger, which is especially beneficial for couples. When it comes to GhostBed, the edge support is average—not bad, but not excellent. This is pretty common for most all-foam beds, which often have less support around the edges when compared to innerspring or hybrid models.   

Top and Efficient Cooling Quality  

With more than one person in the bed, the bed can get hot faster. If you or your partner is already a hot sleeper on top of it, this could make it difficult to sleep. GhostBed has cooling properties that are due in part to the latex foam layer. Because of this, airflow easily moves throughout the mattress, keeping both you and your partner cooler all night long. 

Material Composition   

GhostBed is made with three layers consisting of high-density poly foam, memory foam and latex. This combination offers a one-of-a-kind feel—one that offers the perfect balance between support and pressure relief. Let's take a closer look at what each layer is made of:   

  • Cover. The cover consists of a viscose and polyester blend that makes it feel soft and breathable.   

  • Comfort layer. This is the layer that sits on top. It measures 1.5 inches in height and is a section of aerated latex foam. This is one of the cooling layers that won't easily cling to heat and will keep you feeling nice and cool. The material itself is nice and bouncy and has a lot of responsiveness, something that offers excellent mobility. This comes in handy for those who like to move around a lot and change positions.   

Latex is also a naturally cooling material, so it will help to get rid of any trapped body heat throughout the bed. Though latex is a rather common material for mattresses, the unique aeration of this bed makes it even more cooling and breathable. Latex is also known for being a remarkably long-lasting material, which adds another layer of reinforcement and durability to the mattress.   

  • Contour layer. This layer is found just beneath the latex layer and consists of memory foam that is infused with gel. The gel in the memory foam helps provide all of the pressure relief and deep body contouring that you come to expect from memory foam, but you also get another cooling effect. Because the memory foam is beneath the latex layer, it prevents you from sinking too far down into the bed.   

  • Base layer. The last layer of the bed consists of 7.5 inches of high-density foam. This poly foam makes it remarkably sturdy and steady and is capable of functioning mostly as support foam for the rest of the foam to be layered on top of it. Because most of the mattress is comprised of this layer, it is no surprise that while the bed is still on the softer side, it has a higher firmness level than some other memory foam layered beds. 


Just like any type of bed in a box, GhostBed has to undergo a 24 to 48 hour period of decompression and off-gassing once you have taken it out of the box. Unlike most box mattresses, it seems to give off less gas and odors, so if you are particularly worried about the smell, you'll be pleased by that.  


The GhostBed varies in price depending on the size that you choose, like most others. All costs are approximate.  

 GhostBed And Its Competitors  

Being one of the most important aspects of your sleep cycle, it is important that you find the right mattress. Most people go for GhostBed because it has made a reputable name for itself rapidly in the market.   

Surely, it has some of the best mattresses you can find but are they really better than their competitors? Keep on reading to find out!  

GhostBed Vs Casper  

GhostBed and Casper are two of the best online mattresses brands that you can find around the world. Both companies offer a lot of different features but ultimately, both companies tend to be different types of sleepers.   

  • Differences  

GhostBed is ideal for people who prefer to sleep on a mattress that is firmer rather than soft. It is ideal for people who live in hot weather and feel discomfort while sleeping. The cooler-sleeping mattress works like magic! Lastly, if you are a stomach sleeper, then GhostBed’s steady mattresses are perfect for you!  

On the other hand, Casper is for people who prefer a mattress as soft as a cloud. These particularly specialize in relieving pressure from different joints and muscles. So side or back sleepers who want to sleep on a comfortable yet soft bed, then Casper’s mattresses are made just for you.  

  • Similarities  

We cannot ignore the few similarities that both brands have. For one, both of the brands feature mattresses that are made from memory foam. These types of units are designed to contour according to your body shape to relieve pressure and support spinal alignment. So, people with osteoporosis or other such issues can use both types of mattresses. Furthermore, the second similarity is in its construction. Both have a good bouncy response.  

GhostBed Vs Purple   

Both of the mattresses have made a quick name for themselves in the market after their launch. Both of them are two of the most renowned companies known for their mattresses all around the world so what are the features that distinguish both? Let’s find out.  

  • Differences 

GhostBed is much more affordable than Purple. They are simple and plain in their construction as well as their appearance. The original mattresses have a soft and neutral-foam feel which sports three layers of coils. However, GhostBed does not provide as much airflow as compared to Purple.  

Purple on the other hand is quite expensive so if you are on a budget, these mattresses are not for you. The mattresses have a gel-like feel and are very comfortable to sleep on. Furthermore, the improved airflow makes it perfect for all weathers. So, if you are a hot sleeper then go for purple since it provides better airflow than GhostBed. On the other hand, if you want a traditional soft foam bed, then Purple isn’t for you. If we compare the durability, GhostBed lasts much longer as compared to Purple.  

  • Similarities 

Both companies have beds that accommodate all types of sleepers. For example, if you are a side sleeper, you can get the hyper-elastic polymer mattress of purple. On the other hand, the memory foam GhostBed mattresses are also perfect for side sleepers. Both cradle your major pressure points and ensure you sleep peacefully throughout the night.  

GhostBed Vs Nectar  

At first glance, both of the mattresses seem exactly the same. However, if you look closely, you will see that they have many distinct features which set both of the mattresses apart.  

  • Differences 

As discussed above, GhostBed’s has some of the best firm mattresses that you can find in the market. So, if you are someone who likes solid beds, you will find their mattresses the most comfortable. Moreover, these beds have a lot more bounce and responsiveness as compared to Nectar.   

GhostBed is much better when it comes to hot sleepers as well. The aerated latex layer in the former makes sleeping even on a hot day a wonderful and cool experience.  

Contrarily, Nectar features mattresses adorned with pressure-reliving memory foam. These help to treat pressure sores and prevent pressure ulcers for people who can are incapable to move. Furthermore, these mattresses are more sinkable than their competitor.  

  • Similarities 

One of the major similarities between the two is that they are built entirely of foam. Also, both are ideal for relieving pressure. This leads most people to mistake both mattresses are identical. However, the difference in foam and sleeping position of individuals can cause them to prefer one over the other. 

Lastly, both of them are economical. All of their mattresses are offered at a great value. So both types are perfect choices for anyone who is on a budget constraint.  

GhostBed Vs. Tempur-Pedic  

Tempur-Pedic was first seen in the markets in 1992. It has been a popular brand throughout the many years since then until 2015; the year when GhostBed was founded. GhostBed rapidly became the top-selling brand all around the world. However, Tempur-Pedic still has a pretty large customer base.   

  • Differences 

One of the key reasons why GhostBed became so popular is because of its low prices. Each bed sells for much fewer dollars than its competitor’s items. Furthermore, no mattress company can match the firmness level that GhostBed provides. It is unmatchable!    

GhostBed has some of the most inexpensive breathable models that you can find in the market. Tempur-Pedic does make breathable models but you would have to pay extra for it.  

On the flip side, Tempur-Pedic is expensive. We also liked these mattresses because there are entire lines of models that have variable feels and firmness levels so everyone can find one which suits them best. Moreover, you slowly sink into the mattresses which can be used by people with back and joint pains. Also, some people just like hopping on their bed and relax as the mattress slowly sinks beneath them and envelops them in a warm (or cold) hug.  

  • Similarities 

If we compare the original GhostBed and Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress; both have all-foam beds. You can get these bed-in-a-box models easily at your doorstep. 


How long does a GhostBed mattress last?  

Because of the high-quality construction of the mattress, it should outlast more than seven years of use. This, of course, will depend on how much you weigh as well as how often you use the mattress.   

Is it a good mattress? 

The answer to this is relative, as some people will like its feel and some will not. It will probably be a good match for those who sleep hot, who sleep on their stomach or anyone who wants a more affordable latex mattress.   

Is the GhostBed good for side sleepers? 

Because of the way the pressure is put on the shoulders and hips when one sleeps on their side, it is not believed to be a good bed for side sleepers. It might not provide as much pressure relief.   

Will I need to use a box spring with GhostBed? 

While you don't need to use a box spring, you still can. Any flat, hard surface will be just fine. You can also use a bed with an adjustable base or a slatted bed frame.   

What is the firmness of the GhostBed? 

The GhostBed is thought to be a medium firmness mattress. It sits somewhere between a six and a seven on the firmness scale between one and ten.   

Who is the bed not good for? 

Outside of side sleepers, it is probably not well suited for those who weigh 250 pounds or more. This is because the layers of foam might not be enough to support you properly.  

In Conclusion  

GhostBed is a bed in a box that is ideal for individuals who sleep on their own or who sleep with a partner. This bed is described as having a soft but firm feel, making it ideal for couples who prefer different styles of beds. The unique supportive feel of the GhostBed is due to the multiple-layer design of the bed, including a latex top layer, a memory foam layer and a base layer that supports it all.   

It is especially beneficial for those who run hot when they sleep, thanks to the bed's multiple cooling features. The latex layer on top is a naturally cooling material, while the gel-infused memory foam below it also allows air to move through it more easily. It is also great for those who sleep on their back, but may not be firm enough for those who sleep on their stomach. Conversely, it may be too firm for anyone who sleeps on their sides. If you go back and forth between sleeping positions, however, the bed may be perfect for you.  

Unboxing is simple, and it has a much lower off-gassing time than most other beds in a box. This makes it more pleasant to sleep on the same night that you open it.  

In this article, we’ve taken a look at what makes the Original GhostBed a good contender for some as well as reasons why it might not be a good fit for others. If you are in the market for a new foam bed, keep this article handy. You can review it again before you make your purchase to be sure it has everything you are looking for, saving you plenty of time, effort, and maybe even money. 

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