GhostBed Reviews: Everything you need to know on GhostBed Mattress

By Laura AndersonJun 2, 2021 12:00 AM


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A proper night's sleep is crucial to a productive day-to-day life. GhostBed is a company that strives to make a mattress that improves their customer's sleep to improve their lives. What started as the original GhostBed mattress in 2015 has since developed into a whole line of products, including not just the beds but also mattress bases, sheets, pillows and other sleep accessories.

About GhostBed

The original GhostBed is a latex mattress that not only offers plenty of support but won't break the bank. It is one of the most well-known names when it comes to online mattress shops, and the brand offers various mattress types. These include GhostBed original, GhostBed Flex, GhostBed Luxe and GhostBed 3D matrix.

The GhostBed original mattress is what made the company famous. The design begins with gel memory foam, synthetic latex and a variety of other components designed to keep you cool as you sleep. The unique mix of latex foam and gel memory foam is known to bring not just temperature regulation but relief from pressure and a better alignment of the spine for back sleepers.

What makes the mattress unique is that it is made specifically with hot sleepers in mind. Memory foam mattresses typically aren't the best for keeping a sleeper cool, but GhostBed’s unique gel memory foam excels at this. Their beds also stand out due to their comparatively low price when held against other similar mattresses. So, here are some of the features that are worth mentioning for the GhostBed Reviews.

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Who is for GhostBed?

-       People who are hot sleepers who want a cooler mattress

-       People who sleep on their stomach and those who sleep on their back who want greater support levels

-       Those who enjoy firm mattresses

-       Those who do not want to pay a lot of money

Benefits of GhostBed Beds

-       Excellent temperature control makes hot sleepers more comfortable as they snooze

-       Has a firm build to give plenty of support without losing the necessary softness of a bed

-       Compression layer makes side sleepers comfortable

-       Excellent motion transfer will stop you from feeling your partner moving around on the bed

Drawbacks of GhostBed Beds

-       Those who like soft mattresses may consider the bed uncomfortable due to its firmness

GhostBed Beds for Various Sleep Styles

-       BACK SLEEPERS. GhostBed is designed almost specifically with back and stomach sleepers in mind. Their mattress design helps keep the spine aligned during sleep through contouring of the lower back and releasing pressure that is common on different parts of the body during sleep. The high-density poly foam and latex layer provides total support and stability for back and stomach sleepers.

-       SIDE SLEEPERS. While it gives a bit of support for the shoulders and hips, the mattress is thought to be too firm for use by those who sleep on their side.

-       STOMACH SLEEPERS. Sleeping on one's stomach is said to be comfortable enough, but it is still slightly too soft for those who like to sleep this way. This is due to the way that those who sleep on their stomachs need support along the hips and a better spine alignment from the shoulders to the hips.

The reason why a lot of people check out the GhostBed Reviews to get the correct product that they pay for. Another thing is that finding a good mattress has become easy using the GhostBed Reviews.

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GhostBed Prices

First and foremost, GhostBed beds are famous for their low prices compared to other similar mattresses. Much like with other "mattress in a box" style shops, GhostBed started with a single model. It was a bit cheaper than the other similar mattresses in the same niche as GhostBed. With time, GhostBed was able to expand their line of mattresses to also include various models, such as GhostBed Luxe and GhostBed Flex, which are a bit more expensive than the Original but are still less expensive than high-end models that are offered by some competitors.

The main difference between the GhostBed Original and the Luxe that accounts for the price is that the Luxe has their proprietary "ice" layer that does a great job of keeping you cool. It also includes proprietary "Bounce" foam that provides the perfect softness in a way the Original may not. The differences are small, but they make up the price difference, with the Luxe being slightly more high-end. Bump it up to the GhostBed 3D Matrix with its heat transferring gel polymer portion and the price increases, though they are still moderately priced in comparison to the competition. For more details GhostBed pricing and discounts, visit the official website here.

Specific Prices of the Various GhostBed Models

Classic GhostBed Prices

  • Split King: $1,268

  • Cal King: $1,058

  • King: $1,039

  • Queen: $855

  • Full: $784

  • Twin XL: $634

  • Twin: $484

GhostBed Flex Prices

  • Split King: $2,325

  • Cal King: $1,624

  • King: $1,609

  • Queen: $1,384

  • Full: $1,253

  • Twin XL: $1,163

  • Twin: $971

GhostBed 3D Matrix

  • Split King: $2,625

  • Cal King: $2,321

  • King: $2,246

  • Queen: $1,946

  • Twin XL: $1,175

The last feature worth mentioning in the GhostBed Reviews is customer service. This is what a mattress manufacturer rarely has. However, GhostBed provides its customers with the best customer service teams. If there is an issue or customers want to know something, they can easily get the answer to all their queries.

In Conclusion

GhostBed creates a variety of reasonably priced beds with varying features all designed to give hot sleepers the best sleep possible. GhostBed puts a lot of emphasis on keeping hot sleepers cool by using a variety of cooling elements in their beds, such as gel memory foam instead of standard memory foam.

Not only is temperature regulation at the forefront, the support and comfort of those who sleep on their backs and stomachs are also taken into account. With limited motion transfer, GhostBed model stand perfect for couples to sleep on together without disrupting the sleep of their partner when turning in their sleep. All of the features are offered at competitive prices that make the GhostBed models stand out from others in a similar ballpark as their designs. If you are a back or side sleeper who needs spinal support and temperature regulation, the GhostBed Company likely has what you need.

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