Eurasia + Mozabites + Papuans

Gene ExpressionBy Razib KhanFeb 17, 2011 12:20 AM


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I'm in a hurry right now, and won't be posting much this week. But, I thought I'd dump some of the ADMIXTURE runs I have. This is one with 80,000 markers, and Eurasian populations, Papuans and Mozabites. I removed the New World and Africa to constrain the variance space. This time I've labelled the ancestral components, but do not take them totally literally. I think in the future I might just remove the Kalash to see what happens. This is K = 7. Not too busy, but I think enough K's to separate out the various West Eurasian groups. Additionally I've put the genetic distances, Fst, below, and, visualized them on an MDS. Nothing too surprising.


Northeast AsianSouth AsianEuropeanWest AsianKalashSoutheast AsianPapuan

Northeast Asian00.10.130.1420.1370.0520.225

South Asian0.100.0580.070.0660.0970.201


West Asian0.1420.070.05600.0980.1390.238


Southeast Asian0.0520.0970.1320.1390.13600.214


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