Best Delta 8 THC For Sale: Top 9 Vendors of 2023

By Amber Smith
May 31, 2023 5:00 AMJun 5, 2023 2:00 PM
Best Delta 8 THC For Sale


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Welcome to 2021, the year of Delta 8 THC! Of course, Delta 8 THC is nothing new. In fact, we’ve known about its existence for decades—the first known scientific recording of Delta 8 THC dates back to the early 1940s. So on the 80th anniversary of its discovery, let’s salute the top 10 Delta 8 THC vendors of 2021! 

Best Delta 8 THC for Sale: Top Brands 

  1. Everest - Potent, premium products from sustainable hemp.

  2. Penguin CBD

  3. Delta Remedys

  4. Otter Space – USA grown, natural, high quality with third party testing to back it all up

  5. Planet Delta - Elegant design, feel, and final products. 

  6. CannaBuddy - Delta 8 THC products that bring people together. 

  7. Summit THC Delta 8 Gummies

  8. Burman’s Health Store 

  9. Eighty Six 

Bonus: Area 52 

Bonus: 3Chi 

Bonus: NuLeaf Naturals 

Bonus: Delta Effex 

Bonus: Vape Whole Supply 

How Do We Decide the Top 9 Delta 8 THC Vendors of 2022? 

In order to create a list of our top 10 Delta 8 THC vendors of 2022, we had to ask ourselves a few questions. With the answers, we sussed out which companies deserve to be on this list. Those questions include: 

What are they selling? 

Delta 8 THC is a product that can be sold in a number of fashions. From tinctures to vape cartridges to edibles to syringes, there are so many ways to produce Delta 8 THC, so we’re looking at what companies are offering. Some will focus heavily on just a few products, others will take the shotgun approach. We won’t knock either if they’re willing to demonstrate a commitment to quality.  

Do they skip out on Delta 8 THC tinctures but offer tasty edibles and pure vape cartridges? If we see a company taking a balanced approach like this, and they couple it with thoughtful copywriting aimed at informing the consumer, we can assume they’re doing their best to offer the best.  

How much do their products cost in relation to what’s offered? 

Delta 8 THC products vary wildly on the price scale. Some products are comparable with the cheapest products on the traditional cannabis marketplace. Others rival the most expensive. However, we don’t always assume that paying a higher price means that the customer is getting a better product. While we won’t dissuade consumers from paying top-dollar, there should be a good reason that someone pays inflated rates for a Delta 8 THC product.  

On our list, we’ll see budget brands offering maximum bang for the buck as well as the best high-end brands giving the most in exchange for their customers paying a premium. 

Does the company put the customer first? 

In any new industry, like the Delta 8 THC industry, there are going to be unscrupulous players who prefer the green of your dollar over the health of your body. Unfortunately, there are ways for companies to skimp on their products. They may deliver unhealthy products that leak heavy metals or contain high levels of pesticides, for example.  

Legitimate companies give easy access to their lab reports demonstrating the cleanliness of their products. If you can’t find them, don’t buy them. If you can find them, read them. Some are extensive with clear documentation of: 

  • Pesticide levels 

  • Heavy metal presence 

  • Cannabinoid levels 

  • Terpene levels 

  • And more 

If a company shows nothing but their cannabinoid levels, for example, it leads us to wonder why. We must consider that informing the customer is not at the top of their priorities. 

How easy is it to interact with the company? 

Transparency is nice, but without it, some companies may opt instead for a high-quality customer service base. You can easily call them up and have all your questions answered. Others give you the roundabout. Some offer a clear and informative FAQ. Others show nothing but a ‘buy now’ button on their website.  

While we appreciate ease and brevity in website design, being informed about the company is even more important. If we can’t find a way to talk to them, we get frustrated. That’s why we left companies that frustrate us off this list. 

How We Decided The Best Vendors Selling Delta 8 THC Products in 2022 

Product Availability 

Product availability doesn’t simply come down to the question, “is ‘x’ product available?”. It also has us begging to know if companies are offering: 

  • Pure Delta 8 THC 

  • Delta 8 blended with other cannabinoids 

  • Terpene-infused Delta 8 products 

  • A wide range of products 

  • A variety of dosage types 

  • Flavors & strains 

  • Extraction methods 

  • Hemp source 

  • And more 

So, when we’re deciding if a company should be on our top 10 Delta 8 THC vendors list, we looked deep into their product availability. We won’t negatively score a focused company for not having a wide range of products. On the other hand, we won’t bother with a company that has a huge selection of terrible products, either. 

Lab Testing and Results 

Lab testing and the availability of the results are ubiquitous in the Delta 8 THC industry. That is, they should be. Reputable companies will offer clear and easy access to the reports for their products. And while most companies do offer them, not all lab reports are created equal. Some lab reports show the bare minimum: cannabinoid levels. Others go far more in-depth and show: 

  • Pesticide levels 

  • Herbicide levels 

  • Heavy metal levels 

  • And much more 

It’s reports like these that instill confidence in consumers (if they show the product is clean). If a company doesn’t offer its lab reports, they won’t appear on this list. Moreover, we’ll give bonus points to companies that show detailed reports of all there is to know. 

Website User Experience 

In 2022, the top Delta 8 THC vendors are showing off beautiful websites. It’s the first point of contact for many consumers who are searching online for Delta 8 THC products. Furthermore, it’s the easiest way to shop for Delta 8 THC products, so the best vendors of 2022 have to have a functional, beautiful website.  

Even more than that, the website must give the consumer exactly what they’re looking for. Of course, that starts with the imagery and written content that focuses on them. Beyond that, we’re looking for websites with useful FAQs, contact pages with more than one contact option, and a storefront that clearly shows product images, descriptions, and prices. The easier it is to shop at a vendor’s Delta 8 THC store, the more highly we regard their services.  

Payment Options 

We don’t expect every Delta 8 THC vendor to accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. But we do like to see companies that have more than one way to pay for Delta 8 THC products. We’ve seen businesses offer in-store cash purchases, online card purchases, and even payment plans for the consumer who needs Delta 8 THC quickly but wants to pay later.  

This isn’t the most important factor when determining our top 10 Delta 8 THC vendors of 2022, but we do take it into consideration.  

Shipping and Returns  

No chance at free shipping? No returns accepted? No thank you. 

While most Delta 8 THC vendors offer free shipping once your shopping cart reaches a certain financial threshold, we also want to know exactly what we need to do about returns. What happens if the wrong product is shipped? What if the product is damaged during shipment? What if the consumer decides they don’t want the product? As long as we know exactly what to expect, we’re satisfied. However, it’s companies with outstanding policies that will truly jump up our list of top 10 Delta 8 THC vendors of 2022.  

Brand Reputation 

We know the game is still early, and many Delta 8 THC companies are still young. So, in the coming years, expect our list of top vendors to change. But in 2022, our top 10 Delta 8 THC vendors are all impressing their customers. We don’t want to completely shy away from companies that are so new that they have no reputation. Nor do we want to rely solely on the word of online reviews to make our judgment call. That’s why we’ll employ a holistic approach to scoring a company’s reputation. 

Customer Service 

Poor customer service is a great way to not make our top 10 list of Delta 8 vendors in 2022. Rudeness on the phone, vague or misleading FAQs, slow email replies. These are all reasons we’d negatively judge a company’s customer service. A website with clear answers, a handful of ways to contact the company, and tact and politeness when dealing with customers is a subtle way to enter this audacious group of top Delta 8 THC vendors of 2022. 

Do they give back? 

We’ve seen companies give back by handing out free information online on a consistent basis. They’ve built readerships around their blogs and compounded listeners to their podcasts. They’ve exploded on social media as they help consumers understand a new, and sometimes daunting, Delta 8 THC market. But giving out info isn’t the only way to give back in the Delta 8 space.  

We’ve also seen brands committing to donating to charities, and one’s we like, as well. If we see a company giving back, it’s bonus points for them. Of course, business is business, and not all businesses commit to such acts. We won’t push them off the list for not giving back if they show they have outstanding Delta 8 THC products. 

Note: Delta 8 products are not yet legally available in every U.S. state, so check your state laws before attempting to purchase.   

Best Delta 8 Products for Sale in 2022 

1. Everest  

Everest really offers the best of everything. They have a gorgeous, functional website that delivers a seamless user experience. Their clean Delta 8 THC products are sustainably sourced and grown for a consumer who expects the best.  

They target wisely with their product options and offer exactly what their customer wants. This kind of clarity from the marketing to the selling to the branding to the relationship-building shows the immense effort Everest puts in to do what’s right for their customer.  

2. Penguin Gummies

Penguin helps you “reach your peak” with some of the most pure, potent Delta 8 gummies on the market. They only use premium ingredients like tapioca syrup and fruit pectin - no gelatin, artificial flavors, or high fructose corn syrup here. At 25mg per gummy, they set the standard for a highly effective edible. 

All Penguin products are third party tested for purity and safety, and all purchases have a money back guarantee. Their flavors are custom blended and made with taste in mind - this isn’t just another “white label” brand. They’re also one of the more affordable premium high-potency Delta 8 gummies on the market!

Product Details

●      30-count jar

●      25 mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy

●      All vegan and natural ingredients

●      Non-GMO and Gluten-free

●  Double-tested by third party labs

Customer Experience

●      Free shipping

●      Excellent customer service

●      Money back guarantee

Subscription discounts

3. Delta Remedys  

Delta Remedys is an all-American Delta 8 brand. Delta Remedys is focused on offering premium Delta-8 products at an affordable price point. They positioned themselves in the market by offering unique products that are made from some of the best hemp plants. Delta Remedys products are 100% U.S made and are produced in state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility. Delta Remedys products are third-party lab tested and the results are published on their website.

4. Otter Space

Otter Space is really giving a lot of bang for your buck here. Have you noticed that cannabis products aren’t what they used to be? We have and that is why we love Otter Space Delta 8 Gummies. Otter Space is on a mission to bring edibles back to earth and make them enjoyable again—not something to stress over. Otter Space is perfectly balanced so there is less worrying about uncomfortable highs. Less is more sometimes and these Delta 8 Gummies form Otter Space really hit that sweet spot.

All Otter Space products are rigorously tested by third party labs. This means you can feel confident you are consuming a safe and clean product that’s free of any unwanted impurities, pesticides, and unnatural ingredients. They are also surprisingly delicious to the point you will have to remind yourself you are not eating normal candy. 

5. Planet Delta

Are you looking for an amazing Delta 8 experience but don’t know where to turn? Planet Delta is one of the leading providers of organic Delta-8 and CBD products available in the United States. Sourced from 100% U.S.-grown hemp, the product has been carefully engineered from the seed to production to guarantee that you have the best experience possible. Their premier product, their vegan gummies, is delicious and iconic. Average consumers will not be able to tell the difference between them and regular gummy bears you can buy at the store. This will allow you to enjoy them wherever you want.

6. CannaBuddy  

With a focus on community and wellness, CannaBuddy adds to that emphasis with images of people relaxing together in serene places. Moreover, they build upon their community theme by bringing together some of the best brands on the market.  

They offer a wide selection of top-name Delta 8 THC products at reasonable prices with free shipping on orders of $50 or more. That makes it a great place to shop online for Delta 8 THC products in 2022 because many of their competitors require orders of $100 or more to trigger the free shipping clause. With easy returns on unopened products, CannaBuddy aims for 100% customer satisfaction, even in the case of a mistake, error, or regret. 

7.Summit THC Delta 8 Gummies

Summit sits atop the peak of the Delta 8 industry and has become nationally recognized for their amazing Delta 8 gummies, customer service, and affordable pricing. With hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews, you can be sure they’re doing things the right way.

One of the most notable differences between Summit and other brands is how well their gummies work and how delicious they taste. This is because they use only top-strain, US grown hemp extract, and truly infuse them into their own custom-formulated gummies. While most other brands “white label” their gummies and mostly sell the same one, theirs is truly handcrafted with care.

On top of all this, they make one of the most potent gummies out there at 25mg each, and 30 per container, and it always ships free. With all natural ingredients and no artificial flavorings, they have an amazing taste profile without cutting corners.

You can find their third party testing on their site, along with several blogs to educate yourself on different hemp products. With satisfied and returning customers abound, they have quickly climbed to the top of our Delta 8 list.

8. Burman’s Health Store  

Burman’s Health Store has something to please anyone’s taste buds when craving Delta 8 THC. That’s because they offer a huge range of products from a variety of awesome brands.  

The certificates of analysis from the products’ lab reports are all found in one place, and we appreciate that they give back with both a blog and a podcast. This shows they like to dispel information in a way that’s digestible for a variety of consumers while being as succinct as possible. 

9. Eighty Six 

We loved Eighty Six the moment we set our eyes on their gorgeous green website. With easy access to their lab reports right on the top of their page, we decided to move into their store knowing we could easily look up the info we needed about any of their products.  

Moreover, they even inform their customers how to read a lab report, which goes beyond the effort of most companies.  

Bonus: Area 52  

Area 52 isn’t a budget vendor on our top Delta 8 THC companies of 2022, but they target a customer who’s looking for more than to simply save money. Their customers are looking for a high-quality experience. They prefer the best flavor the market has to offer with top-of-the-line products.  

Moreover, their blog is packed with loads of useful information and they post on it with the regularity of a Gen Z internet celebrity. Their dedication to giving back to their consumers is clear. While we’re not thrilled that you have to contact the company for their lab reports, they are open about what they put in their potent products, including additives like Stevia to improve flavor. 

Bonus: 3Chi  

Though 3Chi is offered by at least one other vendor on our top 10 list of 2022, we’ll note them personally. 3Chi has one of the most satisfying websites that we’ve. With high-quality video production, clear copywriting, and relaxing use of color and style, the website experience is top-notch.  

Their delectable edibles offer flavorful, long-term relief while their range of products offer something for everyone, from the budget consumer to the connoisseur searching for a highly specific cannabinoid blend. Even more kudos to their FAQs for answering questions in-depth and with clarity. 

Bonus: NuLeaf Naturals  

NuLeaf has integrated their Delta 8 THC products into a supply chain that they control from seed to shelf. They oversee the farming, manufacturing, and processing of all their products and point out that they use organic farming methods to grow their hemp. The final result is often a potent blend of cannabinoids heavy in Delta 8. We like that they want their customers to know how clean their product is. In their lab reports, they test for: 

  • Pesticides 

  • Herbicides 

  • Mold 

  • Fungi 

  • Heavy metals 

  • mycotoxins 

Bonus: Delta Effex  

The contemporary feel of their website perfectly matches the outgoing personality of their packaging and products. Overall, Delta Effex creates products that inspire conversation. They get people to ask, “what you got there?” Their FAQ and blog educate their customers so they can respond quickly, “high-quality Delta 8 at a price that matches its potency.” 

Is Delta 8 THC Safe to Consume? 

Now that we’ve explored the top 10 Delta 8 THC vendors of 2022, you might be wondering if it’s actually safe to consume. Besides, companies are allowed to sell tobacco rolled with a myriad of toxic chemicals, so there’s no problem in asking if Delta 8 THC is a safe compound. 

The internet will try to scare you about Delta 8. Publications put out by the Blue Ridge Poison Center in conjunction with University of Virginia Health say that Delta 8 THC is a poison with a range of physical manifestations. The truth is that Delta 8 THC is an analog of Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 mimics a compound your body naturally produces: anandamide. 

If you drink too much water, you’ll drown. Too much salt? You’ll dry out. Anything can have negative side effects if not taken in moderation. So, while you have little to fear from Delta 8 THC consumption, you may have questions about shopping for it for the first time.  

How to Shop for Delta 8 THC for the First Time 

If you’ve never shopped for Delta 8 THC, this list of our top vendors for 2022 is a good place to start. Any vendor on this list will be able to provide you with something of value. While each has its own offerings, let’s walk through a simple way to buy Delta 8 THC for the first time. 

Firstly, decide what type of types of products you’d like to use. There are many options that offer all-day relief for your troubles. The delivery time of others is quite rapid. Keep in mind that many options that offer all-day relief are often slower to activate, while those which activate quickly tend to lose their efficacy just as fast. That’s why many first-time consumers of Delta 8 THC decide to use a combination of products and discover what works best for them. 

If you’d like to sample a range of products, it’s best to start with no more than one dose of the product. Whatever you do, start with as little Delta 8 THC as possible, and add slowly, according to directions.  

There are two-fold reasons you want to go slow when you start consuming Delta 8 THC for the first time. Number one is that if you take a second dose before the first truly activates, you could quickly consume more than you intended. The second is that you want to establish a base level of efficacy. There’s no need to take more Delta 8 THC than necessary, so knowing your base level threshold will help guide you towards more effective dosing in the future. 

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