Another Mooney Enters the Blogosphere (Or, Have Pity on Big Brother)

The IntersectionBy Chris MooneyAug 2, 2007 12:15 AM


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I offered my little sister, Kate, an internship this summer because I knew she was a talented writer and thought I could teach her a thing or two. So she's been helping me out with stuff. Little did I know that she would suddenly punch the journalistic hyperdrive button and not only become a blogger--her first post is here at a cool New Orleans blog called "At the Parade"--but have plenty of fun at her big brother's expense....all while writing in a hilarious tone worthy of PZ Myers. An excerpt:

After spending June in the pine trees and mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona, where my mom relocated after we lost our Lakeview house in the storm, and July with a friend in the billowing trees and majestic hills of Berkeley, California, I finally got my ass movin' back to New Ahyens. My oldest brother, (who from now on will be referred to as Big Brother #1) and employer, (like all new Orleanians, we Mooneys, too, keep it in the family) a very successful journalist and one of Wired Magazine's "Top Ten Sexiest Geeks," urged me to come to D.C. where I might fulfill my potential as his mini-me during the day and then party with all his brainy wise-guy associates at night. While I was tempted at first, I am at heart a "New Orleans girl" as Chris Rose has popularized, and couldn't stand the thought of leaving my city to drown in its own sweat and beer and mud without me, just for a glimpse at what it's like to be progressive and a partier at the same time.

Oh brother....for more from Kate Mooney on what it's like to live in a FEMA trailer, ride a bike in New Orleans, bum free drinks off idiots at bars, and hang out with someone named Cracky McToothless, click here. Get ready to laugh--but also, I hope, feel a little pity for me, her brother, who now has to be deathly afraid of what she'll write next....

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