5 Best Tasting CBD Oils: Based on Quality

By Carol Lee
Jul 22, 2022 5:00 PMSep 21, 2022 4:14 PM
Penguin CBD


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Over the last few years, CBD products have skyrocketed in demand and popularity. This is because a growing number of consumers are looking for all natural ways to treat everyday conditions like aches and pains, stress, anxiety, and poor sleep.

While there is no shortage of ways to take CBD, one of the most convenient and effective ways to experience all of the benefits that the cannabinoid has to offer is through CBD oils. Also known as tinctures, these products are placed under the tongue for up to a minute, and then remaining oil is swallowed.

Sublingual administration of CBD enables the cannabinoid to enter the bloodstream more quickly. This means that the onset of effectives will happen much sooner, especially when compared to CBD edibles or capsules.

Because there are so many CBD oils on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are worth trying. And as you may have imagined, there are also low quality CBD products that could even be potentially dangerous!

To save you hours of work, our team has done some in-depth research into some of the best tasting and highest quality CBD oils on the market. Keep reading to learn about our top five CBD oils.

Top 5 CBD Oils: Our Picks

1. Penguin CBD

2. Verma Farms

3. R&R CBD Oil

4. Colorado Botanicals


Bonus: Charlotte’s Web

But before we get too in-depth about each of our favorite CBD oils, let’s first discuss what CBD is and what you can expect from these products.

What CBD Is and Isn’t

As with any product that’s booming in popularity, there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about what CBD is and isn’t. To begin, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance found in both hemp and marijuana plants. However, under the 2018 Farm Bill, all legal CBD products must contain CBD sourced from hemp. This is because hemp plants naturally have less THC.

While there are dozens of different cannabinoids, CBD is very unique. Though many compare it to THC, the cannabinoid that has strong psychoactive effects, the two couldn’t be more different. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t cause users to feel high or distorted in any way. Instead, CBD has a calming effect on the mind and body. It’s also well-known for its ability to ease inflammation.

In the U.S., all legal CBD oils must contain no more than 0.3% THC by weight. If you purchase CBD oil that uses full spectrum CBD, you’ll note that it contains THC. However, this amount is very small and won’t have any noticeable effects on your mind.

Some users prefer full spectrum CBD because it enables the entourage effect. This creates heightened benefits, to include stress relief, pain relief, and better nightly sleep.

Benefits of CBD

There is still a lot to learn about CBD, but from the studies and research that has been conducted, the cannabinoid may offer a host of therapeutic benefits.

One of the top reasons why people use CBD oil is to ease stress and anxiety. We live in a fast-paced world that is very stressful. Living in a constant state of stress can have huge impacts on your physical and mental health. CBD seeks to ease worried and racing thoughts, allowing you take on each day with a sense of focus and dedication.

Others use CBD for anxiety. CBD has shown to be effective in helping those who suffer from many anxiety disorders, to include general anxiety, as well as panic disorder, social anxiety, and even PTSD.

Aside from easing stress and anxiety, CBD has also shown to be beneficial in that it may:

●      Decrease inflammation to minimize daily aches and pains

●      Act as an effective pain reliever

●      Improves nighttime sleep

●      Reduce acne and skin inflammation

●      Boost heart and brain health

It goes without saying that from what we know about CBD, the compound could be absolutely life-changing for many people. Imagine being able to get through the day without chronic pain. Or imagine being able to sleep well at night because you no longer face racing thoughts and other worries that keep you up at night.

Knowing all of these benefits, you’re probably more excited than ever to learn about and try CBD. Here is some in-depth information about the top five CBD oils that we recommend for new and experienced users.

Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Oil

There are hundreds of CBD oils to choose from, and the number only continues to grow! These days you can buy CBD oil online and even at local health stores. And while it's nice to have many options available, the wide variety makes it harder for consumers to choose a quality product.

So what should you look for when buying CBD oil to ensure the product is safe, potent, and effective? Here are some of the top factors that you’ll want to consider. We also took these details into account when ranking our top 5 CBD oils.

Hemp Source

Location is everything, especially when buying CBD oil. When buying any kind of CBD product, always choose one that uses hemp that has been sourced from U.S. or EU grown plants. These farmlands are more strictly regulated, which lessens the risk of plants being grown using GMOs, pesticides, or other contaminants. Plants grown in these areas also have lower THC levels.

All legal CBD products sold in the U.S. must contain less than 0.3% THC. This is why it’s important to buy CBD oil that contains hemp from plants grown in the U.S. or EU. Otherwise, there’s an increased risk of harmful chemicals as well as higher than legal THC levels.

A great experience using CBD starts by choosing a high quality product derived from high quality plants.

Extract Type

There are three different types of CBD: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. Knowing the differences between the three can help you make the best decision as to which kind of CBD oil is right for you.

CBD isolate is pure CBD. It has been isolated from all of the other plant compounds, to include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Broad spectrum CBD contains other plant compounds, but has no THC. This allows users to benefit from the other compounds without any worry of THC exposure.

The third kind of CBD is full spectrum. This contains all of the plant compounds, to include THC. CBD oils that use full spectrum CBD must contain no more than 0.3% THC in order to meet federal regulations.


CBD isn’t the best tasting thing. This is why companies offer a wide range of flavored CBD oils that work to stimulate the sense of taste and smell. This heightens the experience and makes it much easier to take CBD on a routine basis.

There are all sorts of flavor profiles to choose from. Most brands offer fruit flavored CBD oils, but there are also sweetener options like vanilla and chocolate.

The key here is to find a flavor that you like. Don’t choose a CBD oil that doesn’t make your tastebuds happy!


High quality CBD must contain high quality ingredients. Ideally, you want to choose a CBD oil that uses all natural ingredients. Finding an organic product is even better, as this gives you even more peace of mind and confidence in the product.

Avoid CBD oils that contain chemicals or additives that could be harmful. The simpler (shorter) the ingredients list, the better.

Lab Results

The fact is that a brand can market that it’s product contains X ingredients, but it may really contain X, Y, and Z. This is why it’s so important to only use CBD oils that have been tested by a third-party lab.

The product you choose should have an accompanying certificate of analysis. This report provides in-depth information into what a CBD oil is made of, to include ingredients and their amounts. With lab testing, you can ensure a product is safe, potent, and high quality.

Brand Reputation

In the age of social media, brand reputation is everything. When buying CBD oil, be sure to only buy from a brand that has positive reviews. Companies should be transparent and customer-focused. Choose a brand that is open and honest about its products. The more information available, the better!

Customer Service

Customers want to know that their hard earned money isn’t going to waste. When buying CBD oil, choose a brand that has sound, customer-focused policies. This includes things like shipping, refunds, and returns.

For example, you’re more likely to feel comfortable buying from a company that offers a money-back guarantee. This protects your money and guarantees that you don’t have to pay for a product if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Top 5 CBD Oil Reviews

Brand Overview

Imagine living a life as chill as a penguin’s, and we aren’t talking about temperature! Penguin CBD was designed to help to live simply and calmly. On those days when you’re beyond stressed or facing aches and pains, Penguin CBD products are here to help.

Penguin CBD is a trusted brand that uses USA-grown hemp that is farmed and manufactured in Oregon. Plants are grown without pesticides or the use of other harmful chemicals that can seep into plant compounds. Like other top names, Penguin CBD has been recognized by top names, including Merry Jane and Healthline.

Whether you like fruity flavors or want something a little sweeter, Penguin CBD is sure to have an oil that will satisfy your taste buds.

Hemp Source

●      Oregon, USA

Hemp Type

●      Refined broad spectrum CBD


●      Hemp oil

●      MCT oil

●      Natural flavor

●      Terpenes


●      Cookies and cream

●      Mint

●      Citrus

●      Strawberry

●      Natural

Lab Results

●      Green Scientific Labs

●      ProVerde

●      Infinite Chemicals Analysis

Shipping Policy

●      Free 2-5 business day shipping (USPS)

Return/Refund Policy

●      Full refunds are available within 30 days of the purchase date, no questions asked.

Brand Overview

If you’re looking for the best of the best in the CBD world, look no further than Verma Farms. This company has set the bar high for creating amazing, all natural CBD products that are designed to promote overall health and well-being. Verma Farms has many award winning CBD products, including a top ranked CBD oil kit by Forbes and Entrepreneur Media.

Verma Farms is best known for its deliciously flavored CBD gummies. But the brand has also crafted amazing CBD oils that too mimic those Hawaiian paradise flavors that we all know and love.

All Verma Farm products are powerful, pure, and pesticide-free. There are also no GMOs used in the process of growing or farming the hemp plants, all of which are grown in the USA. Consumers can buy and use Verma Farms products with total confidence.

The CBD oils can be used for better sleep, pain relief, or to holistically uplift your mind, body, and spirit. Each product is well-rounded, offering a great flavor and quality ingredients.

Hemp Source

●      USA grown hemp

Extract Type

●      Isolate

●      Broad spectrum


●      MCT Oil

●      Natural flavorings

●      CBD isolate (product dependent)

●      Broad spectrum CBD (product dependent)

●      Coconut oil (product dependent)

●      Hemp oil (product dependent)

●      Kosher-grade Vegetable Glycerin (product dependent)


●      Mint (Chill)

●      Lemon Lime (Focus)

●      Natural (Boost)

●      Watermelon

●      Strawberry

●      Mango

●      Peach

●      Pineapple

Lab Results

●      Botanacor

Shipping Policy

●      Free shipping on all U.S. orders

Return/Refund Policy

●      Unopened products can be returned within 30 days of the purchase date, minus return shipping costs

●      Shipping costs are covered by Verma Farms if return is due to company error (ie. wrong product sent)

Brand Overview

R&R CBD Oil is quickly becoming one of the most trusted and popular CBD brands by proving one thing - they make the CBD that works. Using supercritical CO2 extraction on their proprietary Cherry strain of USDA Certified Organic hemp, they yield an unparalleled profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients in their products that translate into guaranteed performance. R&R boasts impressive levels of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBL, and more in their products, so you can truly feel the entourage effect.

In addition to being USDA Organic Certified, they are also US Hemp Authority Certified, and they have hundreds of 5-star ratings on Google, so you can take comfort in knowing they do things with the highest standards of safety and quality in mind.

We like R&R because they keep flavor simple - a fresh mint option, and the raw, unflavored option.  Both taste great while keeping the focus on performance with no frills or artificial flavors.

Hemp Source

●     Colorado, USA

Hemp Type

●      Co2 Extracted, Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract


●      Organic CBD / Hemp Extract

●      Organic MCT oil from Coconut

●      Organic Natural Flavor


●      Fresh Mint

●      Raw Unflavored / Natural

Lab Results

●      SC Labs

●     Botanacor

Shipping Policy

●      Free Shipping an all domestic orders

Return/Refund Policy

●      Full refunds are available within 30 days of the purchase date, no questions asked.

4. Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals is a CBD company with an unrivaled dedication to quality and high standards.  As a result, Observer crowned the brand as the #1 CBD company to buy from in 2021.  The company’s founder established the brand in 2017 after searching for CBD for a loved one with cancer and realizing how difficult it was to find a reputable product.  He created Colorado Botanicals to improve scientific transparency in the industry.

The brand’s broad spectrum CBD products stand out from competitors in two distinct ways – preservation of terpenes and its proprietary extraction and purification process.  When it comes to purification, most brands use high heat.  This removes unwanted compounds from CBD, like waxes, chlorophyll, and fats, but it also burns off essential compounds like terpenes. 

Terpenes are critical to CBD’s effectiveness.  They have several health benefits, and when they’re combined with cannabinoids, those benefits (like the entourage effect) are much stronger.  Colorado Botanicals uses a pharmaceutical chemical separation process, naturally retaining hemp-derived terpenes versus adding them in from other plants and diluting the CBD.

A lot of brands tout the effects of terpenes in their products, but Colorado Botanicals shows the proof.  It conducts in-house lab testing with the same liquid chromatography equipment used by third-party labs and then sends every batch of its products to third-party labs for unbiased, independent testing.  The brand posts that reporting on its website, showing the types of terpenes in its CBD and their quantities – an unprecedented level of transparency in the CBD industry.

Additionally, Colorado Botanicals uses organically grown hemp in its products and produces its full catalog in an ISO 9001:2015 facility that upholds the highest standards.  And, the brand offers a variety of CBD oils for all needs, ranging in potency from 750mg to 3,000mg.  In short, this is incredibly high-quality, responsibly made CBD for a great value.

Product & Brand Highlights

Hemp Source

●     Organically-grown Colorado Hemp

Extract Types

●     Broad Spectrum CBD Extract


●     Peppermint

●     Unflavored


●     MCT Oil (contains coconut)

●     Broad-spectrum CBD extract

●     Flavoring (if applicable)

Lab Results

●     ProVerde Laboratories

●     SC Labs

●     FESA Labs

Shipping Policy

●     Free 3-5 day shipping over $50, $4-6 for orders under $50

●     Priority and overnight options available

Returns & Refund Policy

●     60-day risk-free trial

●     Prepaid shipping label provided to send products back (opened and unopened) for a full refund

Website Experience

●      Modern and user-friendly with access to a great deal of product information and third-party lab results. Intuitive, engaging, fast, and incredibly helpful in leading customers to the right product.



  • Made in the USA using organic and sustainable practices

  • Vegan, Non-GMO and Free of pesticides, heavy metals and microbials.

  • Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

  • Flavors: Natural, Mint and Orange Cream

  • 1000mg and 3000mg sizes available

Brand Overview

FOCL is a premium CBD brand, based out of Los Angeles and is ranked by Healthline as one ofthe best CBD oils on the market for anxiety.

The team at FOCL (short for Focus) is passionate about wellness and obsessed with producing products that actually work. Their product line includes premium CBD oil and gummies, as well as unique wellness formulas designed specifically for Focus, Sleep, Pain Relief and Immunity.

Their Premium Full Spectrum CBD Drops are ranked among the best in the industry and get rave reviews from loyal customers. Check out their3-Packs or Variety Packs for the best value.

Product and Brand Highlights

Hemp Source:

  • Grown in the USA using organic and sustainable practices


  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD

  • Organic MCT Oil

  • Natural Flavoring

Lab Results:

  • Published on website

Shipping Policy:

  • Free shipping for orders

Return & Refund Policy:

  • Full refund available within 60 days of receiving order

Bonus: Charlotte’s Web

Brand Overview

Charlotte's Web was created by the Stanley Brothers, who are known as pioneers in the hemp and CBD industries. The company proudly uses all natural, all organic ingredients in making its products, and hopes to become certified organic in the future. All hemp plants are grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful compounds.

Charlotte's Web goes beyond the expected testing protocols for CBD products. To ensure the most consistent chemical profile, all products are tested more than 20 times throughout the production process. This should give consumers peace of mind that these products are safe, effective, and high quality.

Aside from deliciously flavored CBD oils, Charlotte's Web also offers gummies, capsules, topical products, and even CBD treats meant for furry family members. While most products are made using full spectrum CBD, which contains THC, there are also THC-free products available.

Hemp Source

●      Colorado and Oregon, USA

Hemp Type

●      Full spectrum


●      Hemp extract (aerial parts)

●      Fractionated coconut oil

●      Organic lemon verbena flavor oil (Lemon Twist)

●      Organic orange flavor oil (Orange Blossom)

●      Mint chocolate flavor oil (Mint Chocolate)

●      Sunflower oil

●      Natural flavors


●      Mint Chocolate

●      Orange Blossom

●      Lemon Twist

●      Olive Oil (Natural)

Lab Results

●      CBD MEDIC

●      CBD Clinic

●      Harmony Hemp

Shipping Policy

●      Free ground shipping on orders over $74.99, otherwise $8.99

●      Two-day shipping

●      Next-day air shipping

Return/Refund Policy

●      30-day money back guarantee with shipping paid at no cost to the customer

How Much CBD is Right for Me?

Like many supplements, there’s no one dosage of CBD oil that is right for everyone. Each person will have a different reaction to CBD, which will dictate how much CBD is needed in order to achieve the intended side effects.

There are several factors that must be considered when dosing CBD oil, to include:

●      Age

●      Weight

●      Gender

●      Condition being treated

●      Ability to absorb cannabinoids

●      Chemical balances within the endocannabinoid system

With so many variables, dosing CBD oil is really a case of trial and error. And because the CBD industry isn’t regulated by any governmental agency, there is no FDA-approval or guidance to point to. This means that new CBD users will need to start with a specific dose and increase as needed.

On average, most users will get the best experience when taking 2.85mg to 50mg of CBD a day. These amounts should be enough to calm the mind and body while also improving sleep while offering natural pain management.

Because the average CBD dosage range is so large, some people may be tempted to start at the higher end of the spectrum in order to feel the results sooner. However, taking too much CBD too soon can cause adverse side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, and dry mouth.

It’s best to start with a low dosage, such as one or two drops of CBD oil under the tongue, and increasing as needed. Make a mental note of how you feel at this dosage and up the amount if you don’t feel the full effects.

Even though CBD products are all natural, it’s best to first consult with your doctor before adding CBD to your daily routine. This way you can get medical clearance and have peace of mind that the CBD oil you choose won’t impact your health in a negative way.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want less daily aches and pains, want to sleep better at night, or want to experience days that aren’t marked by stress and anxiety, CBD oil may be able to help. All of the top 5 CBD oil brands on our list offer trusted, high quality products that are not only effective, but are crafted to taste great.

While there are hundreds of CBD companies and products available on the market, the best way to have the best experience is to start with CBD oil that you can trust. A high quality product made with top notch ingredients is much more likely to offer the relief that you seek.

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