30 Best Magnesium Supplements for Migraines

By Amber Smith
Jun 2, 2023 8:35 PMJun 3, 2023 2:25 PM
Magnesium Migraines


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When migraines strike, many of us reach for the painkillers to ease the tension and pain. While painkillers are potent and can certainly help with a migraine, we know that they have some adverse side-effects. Strong enough painkillers can even have addictive properties, making them even more dangerous to take on a regular basis.

Luckily, nature itself has an answer to migraine headaches: magnesium. One of the most common elements on earth, its mineral form is one of the body’s most crucial components for overall health. It helps with hundreds of processes in the body and can support brain and heart health. Supplements offer a great way to restore the missing magnesium in our often nutrient-deficient diets, but there are natural sources as well.

This list contains the 30 best magnesium supplements for migraines from companies that are both vetted by customers and trusted by critics alike. Each product review contains information on price, features, and availability, so you can make an informed consumer choice with your money.

The Best Magnesium Supplements for Migraines

The best supplements are made from all-natural ingredients, or organic ingredients when possible. Magnesium is often paired with zinc and vitamin D, so you’ll find a few blends on the list as well. Let’s jump in and learn about today’s best magnesium supplements for migraines.

1. Elm & Rye

Features: First on our list is Elm & Rye’s 100% pure magnesium supplement with added vitamins. Featuring all-natural ingredients, trusted production methods, and Elm & Rye’s commitment to producing the very best supplements in today’s markets.

Price: Elm & Rye’s magnesium supplements are available for just $50 for a 30-day supply.

Availability: You can order Elm & Rye’s products directly from the website at www.elmandrye.com. Everything ships with minimal costs, and you’ll get the Elm & Rye guarantee of excellence. You can’t do better when it comes to all-natural supplements!

2. Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium

Features: Featuring high-quality, high-absorption magnesium, Doctor’s Best provides a supplement that works great for everyone by slowly absorbing into the body for maximum efficacy. Doctor’s best is well-known for being a quality supplement brand.

Price: Doctor’s Best magnesium costs about $10 per bottle, and one bottle contains a 30-60-day supply, depending on how much you take daily.

Availability: Doctor’s Best products are available across the web on sites like Swanson Vitamins, The Vitamin Shoppe, iHerb, and Amazon.

3. BioBreakthrough Magnesium by BioOptimizers

Features: BioBreakthrough is a revolutionary magnesium supplement that contains all seven forms of high-quality natural magnesium. The quality of BioOptimizers’ ingredients speak for themselves, and you’ll find the magnesium to be easily-ingestible.

Price: You can get a bottle of BioBreakthrough for just $35, which contains a 30-day supply (60 capsules).

Availability: BioBreakthrough is available on the BioOptimizers website and on Amazon with free shipping if you’re a Prime member.

4. Dr. Mercola Magnesium L-Threonate

Features: This form of magnesium, L-threonate, has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively in clinical trials, meaning the magnesium is better absorbed in the body with Dr. Mercola’s high-quality supplement.

Price: You can buy Dr. Mercola’s magnesium supplements for just $40 in most cases. Some sales put a bottle at under $35. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, enough for 30 days.

Availability: This product is available online at sites like Vitacost.

5. Essential Elements

Features: Essential Elements’ magnesium supplement contains a trusted blend of magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D3 for better absorption. All ingredients are sourced naturally and sustainably when possible.

Price: A bottle of 180 capsules comes in at about $16, making it one of the more affordable magnesium + supplements available.

Availability: You can buy this product directly from Essential Elements, or on sites like Amazon.

6. LiveWell MagWell Magnesium

Features: MagWell is LiveWell’s premium magnesium supplement, containing three viable forms of magnesium for extra potency and absorption. LiveWell provides a long line of excellent and potent supplements for good prices.

Price: A bottle of 120 capsules (a 2-month supply) costs about $19.99.

Availability: You can buy MagWell directly from the LiveWell website, or on other sites like Amazon and Walmart.com.

7. Nature’s Bounty Magnesium

Features: Nature’s Bounty magnesium is a simple, affordable, and potent source of magnesium. You’ve probably seen Nature’s Bounty’s products on the grocery or retail store shelves, and it’s one of the most trusted supplement brands out there. Each supplement is made only from natural ingredients with the customer in mind.

Price: A bottle of 100 capsules from Nature’s Bounty costs about $6 online, and less than $10 in more stores. This is sold as a 100-day supply.

Availability: Nature’s Bounty is available in pretty much every drug store chain, retail store, and on major online retailers like Amazon and Vitacost.

8. Life Extension Magnesium Caps

Features: These vegetarian-friendly capsules from Life Extension offer a potent natural source of magnesium and vitamin C. You’ll get three different forms of magnesium to ensure maximum potency and every capsule is dairy, gluten, and GMO-free.

Price: Life Extension’s magnesium caps cost about $10 online, and each bottle contains a 100-day supply.

Availability: You can find Life Extension’s Caps online at the Life Extension website, or at The Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, and Wal-Mart.

9. Nature Made Magnesium Capsules (Extra Strength)

Features: When you’ve got the mother of all migraines after a rough day at work, your normal magnesium supplement just might not cut it. That’s when you need Nature Made’s magnesium capsules. These extra-strength capsules provide 400 mg of potent, all-natural magnesium to quell even the most potent headaches.

Price: A bottle of 60 soft gels, a 30-day supply, costs about $12 in retail stores and on most websites.

Availability: You can find Nature Made products online at VitaCost, Amazon, and on Nature Made’s website.

10. Nature’s Reward Triple Magnesium Complex

Features: Featuring a potent blend of three sources of magnesium, this high-quality supplement is exactly what you need to conquer those awful migraines. Magnesium is the only active ingredient in these capsules, so you’re getting only what you need — no fillers or additives.

Price: A bottle of Nature’s Rewards triple magnesium costs about $7, and a bottle contains 100 quick-release capsules.

Availability: You can find Nature’s Rewards products both online at the company’s website, and in retail stores like Bed Bath and Beyond.

11. Nested Naturals Magnesium Glycinate

Features: This is an excellent all-in-one magnesium supplement for everything from leg cramps to menstrual cramps to headaches and beyond. Featuring all-natural magnesium glycinate, the potency is just what you need when severe migraines strike.

Price: Nested Naturals’ magnesium supplement costs about $22 regularly on Amazon, and each bottle contains 120 vegan capsules.

Availability: You can buy this product on Amazon and on the company’s website.

12. Puritan’s Pride Triple Magnesium Complex

Features: Each capsule from Puritan’s Pride Triple Magnesium Complex contains 400mg of potent, all-natural, high-quality magnesium in three different forms. Rapid-release capsules ensure you’re getting the relief you need quickly and efficiently.

Price: A bottle of triple magnesium complex costs about $6 on the company’s website and contains 60 rapid-release capsules.

Availability: Puritan’s Pride has a long history of serving its customers with high-quality supplements. You can find their full line of products on the company website.

13. SlowMag Magnesium Chloride + Calcium

Features: Featuring a potent blend of magnesium and calcium, this supplement is great for bones as well as migraines. Each capsule is all-natural, contains no fillers, and delivers a punch.

Price: A bottle of SlowMag costs around $15 and contains 60 tablets.

Availability: SlowMag is one of the most readily available magnesium supplements, and you can find it on the brand’s website and in stores like CVS and Wal-Mart.

14. Sundown Non-GMO Magnesium

Features: Featuring a potent dose of non-GMO magnesium, Sundown’s formula packs a punch and delivers incredible value. Each tablet is packed with 500 mg of high-quality magnesium, making it one of the most potent options out there.

Price: A bottle of Sundown costs about $8 and contains 180 vegetarian capsules.

Availability: You can find Sundown’s Non-GMO Magnesium on sites like iHerb, Amazon, and CVS.

15. VitaFusion Magnesium Gummies

Features: If you don’t care for capsules, or have trouble swallowing them, there’s VitaFusion magnesium gummies. Each gummy contains 165 mg of potent magnesium in delicious chewable candy form.

Price: A bottle of 60 delicious gummies costs about $11.

Availability: You can get VitaFusion on sites like iHerb, Vitacost, and CVS.com.

16. PureVegan Mag07

Features: While advertised as a digestive support supplement, each serving of PureVegan Mag07 contains over 1,000 mg of high-quality, vegan-friendly magnesium for even the worst migraines.

Price: This product falls on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, coming in at about $35 for 120 capsules.

Availability: PureVegan’s magnesium supplement is available online at iHerb and other vitamin shops.

17. True Magnesium By NatureCity

Features: NatureCity provides exactly what the title suggests: 100% pure magnesium. No fillers, additives, or harmful ingredients. This easily absorbed powdered form is both potent and viable, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Price: True Magnesium comes in an 8 oz. container, and costs about $25 (unless you’re a club member with NatureCity).

Availability: This product is available on the company’s website.

18. MindBodyGreen Magnesium+

Features: When your migraines are keeping you awake, reach for MBG’s magnesium+ supplement, complete with high-potency magnesium, Jujube Seed Extract, and more.

Price: Each bottle of MBG Magnesium+ contains 60 capsules, and costs about $60. It’s one of the most expensive supplements on this list but contains only the highest-quality ingredients in its proprietary blend.

Availability: MBG’s blend can be found on the MBG shop online.

19. MG Sport High Absorption

Features: MG Sport high absorption magnesium is designed for leg cramps, but the potent dose of high-quality magnesium in each capsule can also alleviate even the worst of migraines. Specifically designed for active people and athletes.

Price: Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and costs about $15 on Amazon. Plus, you’ll get free shipping with Prime when you order from Amazon.

Availability: You can buy MG magnesium both on Amazon and at MG Sport’s website.

20. Nootropics Depot Optimized Magnesium

Features: These 625 mg capsules offer a potent dose of high-quality magnesium; one of the highest-dose supplements on this list. If you’re looking for quick, powerful relief, you need Nootropics’ optimized magnesium. Few supplements venture to such heights with an almost 700 mg dose, but it’s still safe to take. And for the price, you’re getting a pretty good value for your money.

Price: A bottle will cost you about $25 online and contains 30 servings.

Availability: Available online on the Nootropics Depot website.

21. Klean Athlete Klean Magnesium

Features: High-quality ingredients formulated especially for athletes for a clean, potent experience. Klean Athlete takes special care to produce only the best supplements for amateur and professional athletes alike.

Price: Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of capsules, and costs about $20-$22 online.

Availability: You can find Klean Magnesium on the Klean Athlete website.

22. New Chapter Magnesium + Ashwagandha

Features: Featuring natural, high-quality magnesium and potent Ashwagandha root extract, this supplement is truly in a league of its own. The supplement is 100% vegan and contains no GMOs or other harmful ingredients.

Price: You can get a bottle of New Chapter for around $14 online, and each bottle contains 30 vegan tablets.

Availability: This product is available on the Swanson Vitamin website and on the New Chapter brand website.

23. Vital Nutrients Magnesium

Features: This dual blend of magnesium provides a potent dose in an easy to take format for a great price. Natural ingredients work best, and Vital Nutrients takes care to only use natural ingredients where possible. You’ll notice a difference when you’re taking these supplements, and those migraines won’t stand a chance.

Price: You can get a bottle of 100 capsules for about $21.

Availability: This product is available in stores like Wal-Mart, as well as online on sites like PureFormulas.

24. Zhou Nutrition Magnesium Glycinate

Features: Each magnesium tablet contains a potent dose of 450 mg of pure magnesium for maximum efficiency. Magnesium glycinate is a more absorbable form of the mineral, and its potency is no less than other brands’.

Price: You can find a bottle of Zhou Magnesium for between $13-$20. Each bottle contains 180 tablets.

Availability: This product is available both online in certain Vitamin shops and in stores like Wal-Mart.

25. Trio Nutrition Magnesium Complex

Features: Trio Nutrition brings a potent magnesium complex designed to soothe muscles and conquer your deepest migraines with minimal side-effects. Fortified with vitamin B6 and free of additives and synthetics.

Price: You can purchase a bottle online for about $20, and each bottle comes with a 90-day supply of magnesium.

Availability: You can find this product both on Amazon and on Trio Nutrition’s website.

26. Nature’s Craft Mind And Memory Matrix

Features: Proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, including high-quality magnesium, to help with migraines, memory, and focus. This blend is specifically designed to improve neurological health.

Price: You can get a bottle of Nature’s Craft for $12 on Amazon, and each bottle contains a 30-day supply (60 capsules).

Availability: Nature’s Craft is available on Amazon with free shipping from Prime.

27. Basic Vigor Nutraceuticals Migrastil

Features: Formulated with high-quality magnesium and taurine, this supplement is designed to conquer those head-pounding migraines while providing energy and focus. Ingredients are all-natural and sourced from sustainable sources when possible, and Neutraceuticals aims to provide only the highest-quality supplements to its many customers. You’ll note the excellent reviews on both the company website and other review sites!

Price: A bottle of Migrastil costs about $20 online and comes with a 30-day supply.

Availability: Available on the Migrastil website.

28. Onnit Key Minerals Blend

Features: This blend of potent minerals from both land and sea features high-quality magnesium, boron, calcium, iodine, and more. The blend is an excellent health supplement, and its benefits reach far beyond just helping with migraines.

Price: You can get a bottle of Onnit Key Minerals Blend for around $20 online, and each bottle contains a 60-day supply.

Availability: This product is available on the company website and at The Vitamin Shoppe.

29. Migravent

Features: Migravent is an all-natural, neurologist-recommended migraine supplement formulated with natural magnesium, butterbur, BioPerine, and riboflavin. Try this all-natural migraine supplement instead of painkillers. You’ll find it to be gentler and you shouldn’t experience any side-effects.

Price: You can purchase a bottle of Migravent for about $40, putting it on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply (60 soft gels).

Availability: You can purchase Migravent on Amazon, at Wal-Mart, or on the Migravent website.

30. MigreLief by Akeso Health Sciences

Features: Akeso Health Sciences presents this all-natural migraine relief supplement with potent magnesium and riboflavin. It also features a proprietary ingredient, Puracol Feverfew. This triple-action blend is perfect for treating minor headaches and the worst migraines.

Price: A bottle of Migrelief costs about $25 and contains a 30-day supply of capsules.

Availability: This product is available on the Akeso Health Sciences website.

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