3 Steps To Get Tight & Toned For A Lasting Transformation

Weight loss is killing your results and we’ll prove it to you

By Amber SmithJul 27, 2021 5:00 AM
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There’s a huge problem in the weight loss industry that’s actually preventing you from getting to your goals.  

Weight loss focuses on just that, weight. Focusing on weight loss is what’s killing your results and in this story, we’re going to show you in 3 steps how to focus on fat loss vs weight loss to get to your goals. This problem is a huge reason why 80% of people engage in weight loss efforts put the weight back on within 12 months. So what’s the secrets to cutting fat and not putting the weight back on? Let us show you first by going over the mistakes to avoid followed by their solutions for each to create a lasting transformation.   

First, have you heard this before?  

“I can't lose this stubborn belly Fat!”   “I’m stuck, not losing any weight.   “Working so hard with little result.  “It’s my age, my metabolism or because I had kids.”   

The problem with most weight loss programs and diet plans is that they actually end up slowing your metabolism by mainly focusing on losing the number of pounds, which can leave you exhausted, hopeless, and racing with no finish line. Focusing on losing the number of pounds can leave you with no curves and worse, gaining your weight back within the same year.   

Instead, we’ll show you 3 solutions to get you more defined, sculpted, tight and toned. After this you will be burning fat in your sleep, so keep reading. 

 The 1st mistake: You might be too focused on the number of pounds to lose.  With weight loss you lose 3 things; water, fat and muscle — and losing your muscle is like losing your metabolism.  So when you focus solely on weight loss, you are left soft and flat.   

The solution to this mistake is to focus on building lean muscle. You may say: “Muscle is manly, I don’t want to look bulky, it sounds hard, I'm too late.” No, none of this is true!  Lean muscle is your fat burning machine that burns fat in your sleep.  It’s a fact that lean muscle will speed your metabolism, burning fat up to 24-48 hours after your workout. Lean muscle is 3 times more metabolically active than fat and 5 times more dense, taking up less space on your body. Lean muscle gives you a better shape and can fast track you to get tighter and more toned.  

Did you know that just from aging, you are losing 3-5% of your lean muscle mass every decade? This doesn’t include the lean muscle that you are losing from skipping meals or the muscle loss from excessive cardio. All of this is actually slowing down your metabolism and the end result is that your body can look soft and flat.      So instead of the endless hours of cardio on the treadmill, you should be focused on a program and fitness products that can create lean muscle in less time. To get the best barbells and dumbbells and booty bands that are designed to cut fat and keep your curves click here. 

The 2nd mistake is that you may not be fueling your lean muscle with quality protein. Are you getting protein in every one of your meals? Are you skipping meals? Are you left unprepared with your meals and constantly reaching for something fast and on the go?   

If any of those are a “yes” then you are most likely not getting enough quality protein throughout your day.  Lack of protein slows down your fat-burning machine which can lead to less energy, more cravings, hormone swings, bloating and slowing of your metabolism. 

So if you follow solution #1 to build lean muscle but don’t fuel your lean muscle with the correct protein, you won’t see the results that you want. If your new lean muscle is constantly burning fat while you sleep, what do you think is fueling that process? It’s not restricting your food, it’s not counting calories, or cutting carbs. What is fueling that machine is quality protein. Proteins deliver what are called amino acids or BCAAs to your muscles. These amino acids then build and repair muscle after a workout. And they build it at rest and mostly while you sleep.   

But if you don’t have enough protein, your body will start breaking down your hard-earned lean muscles. The problem is that 1 out of 3 adults aren't meeting the daily recommended protein intake and 40% of those also skipped meals that same day. That is killing your results! So the type and amount of protein that you have before and after your workouts can make the difference between building up the muscle or destroying it.  

That means not all proteins are created equal. Having a high-quality protein will get you results way faster so that you aren't spending more time working out trying to get the same results you could have in less time. The quality of the protein is important. If it’s loaded with extra fillers, extra sugar or preservatives, you can have side effects like bloating and inflammation. 

There is, however, a quick and easy solution to get high quality protein to increase your results. Booty Bands & Barbells® formulated their own custom protein sourced from almonds, pea, and rice. It is made with 99% organic ingredients. Non-GMO, no extra fillers, no added sugar, no preservatives, no soy, no dairy, and is gluten free. It’s as simple as mixing it with water in a shaker, or blending it into your favorite smoothies. You can also get creative with your baked goods.    The 3rd mistake to not creating a lasting transformation of a tight and toned look is not having the right lean-muscle building, fat-shredding workout routine. Studies show that over 40% don’t reach their goals because of lack of time and over 17% because of lack of confidence.   

What Booty Bands & Barbells® created is a personal trainer at your fingertips in the form of a fitness app that guides you through your form, reps and sets.  This fitness app helps you stay consistent with no excuses because these routines are designed as 10–15-minute workouts that are doable for any schedule. These routines are featured in the fitness app, which comes with a free trial when you purchase barbells, dumbbells, protein, or booty bands products.

About us:  

Booty Bands & Barbells® is a fitness brand that is passionate about helping you step into your best self.  Our core purpose is to create lasting transformations, cutting fat, keeping your curves, and boost your confidence no matter your age, genetics, or level. You are why we do this!  

Sculpt and shape your whole body using the original Booty Bands & Barbells®. Using resistance and weights build lean muscle which then helps speed up your metabolism. Our products are designed to help create a lasting transformation that will leave you feeling confident and looking great!   

Booty Bands & Barbells are made in the U.S.A. and Women Owned, thank you for your support!   

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  “Booty bands changed my life! I gained almost 100lbs in the year following the birth of my first son. I met incredible women who have become close friends and received one on one support and encouragement from the owner Danita Young and the coaches in the community.” - Anthem   

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Been with this brand for over 3 years. I love all of the products and they are a game changer. I can do my workout routines that they give me at home or anywhere. I’m in my best shape at the age of 42 with 3 kids. My cellulite is almost all gone. They gave me confidence from the tools with their products and the routines with app to wear my shorts and bikinis again! - Jonalyn Agustin 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LOVE LOVE LOVE these workouts! I can’t believe how much of a burn I’m able to get in such a short amount of time!! These really give me no excuse to skip a workout! Also! I love your new branding and workout space, super cute with all your new great products!!! ❤️❤️❤️ - Kristina   

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Beside that it is perfect to use at home, the biomechanical and physiological benefits of its use.  The barbell is 4 feet design provides a smaller lever arm makes the weight closer to the fulcrum of movement (the shoulders, hips and knees) thus the weight is more centered over our base of support which means we can better control the weight lessening accessory muscle use and the torque that can occur in the low back.  By having better control of the weight, we can more effectively isolate targeted muscle groups and move them through their full ranges of motion. Now as women this is so important, not only because it helps prevent injury but it also allows us to achieve the tight toned and sculpted bodies that we are striving for. "  - Krista, Physical Therapist- movement specialist of 25 years.   

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