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3 Best CBD Dog Treats: Organic CBD for Dogs

By Blue Ribbon GroupApril 27, 2020 5:00 AM


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 Are you wondering if you can give your furry kids your CBD oil?

The answer is: Yes, you can!

But there are more pet-friendly options, which many brands have designed specifically for your fur babies in a way that is optimized for their needs. Not only are there dog-specific CBD tinctures, but there is also an even better option – CBD Dog Treats!

With the legalization of hemp and CBD and the increase in the number of research/studies being done in the past decade or so, CBD is increasingly being seen as a potent agent of health and wellbeing among both humans and pets. This has led to a giant spike in the number of CBD brands and easy accessibility of CBD products in the market.

As far as our understanding of CBD goes, we all know that cannabinoids interact with the nerve receptors of vertebrate animals – which includes dogs. Furthermore, dogs often suffer from ailments that are quite similar to humans, including anxiety, depression, pain and inflammation, sleep issues, appetite issues, bowel movement, heart conditions, muscle, and joint issues, etc. So, you can naturally expect to see such similar effects of CBD on animals.

The fact that both humans and animals can be equally benefited by CBD has been scientifically proven, although not as many times as we would like. [i.e. very few clinical trials and research exist on the efficacy of CBD on dogs.]

Additionally, there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to back the existing studies on CBD’s positive effects on dogs.

Now that you know that CBD works for your doggo, we would talk a little bit about “Why You Should Give Your Dogs CBD”,

Best CBD Dog Treats in 2020:  

1.       Fab CBD - High-Quality Treats

2.     Holistapet -  Organic CBD Treats

3.      Joy Organics - Most Innovative

To ensure you’re doing right by your canine companion, consider these factors before zeroing in on your next purchase of CBD dog treats:

●       Organic Products are Better! Organically grown hemp, organically sourced carrier oils, and all-natural ingredients.

●       Condition to be Treated & Choice of Product. Pain and Inflammations need higher CBD concentrations. Besides CBD products for each type of issue comes with a different set of ingredients. 

●       Ingredients & Potency determine the efficacy of CBD products. Make sure you get the best of what nature has to offer.

●       The choice of your doggo’s favorite flavors is also important. If he doesn’t like the flavor of the treats, he simply won’t have them. CBD brands offer a wide variety of yummy flavors for their dog treats, like cheese, chicken, bacon, sweet potato, etc.

●       Don’t Forget to Check the Source of Hemp used in the formulation. Hemp sourced from the US and Europe is safer, pure, and more potent.

●       Are the treats safe for your pet? Check the Third-Party Lab Test Results (CoAs).

●       Find out the best CBD blend for your pet. Okay, this may take time and several trials. No company reveals its exact formulation. Most reputed brands are transparent about what ingredients they have included in the formulation but would divulge the actual formulation. Here’s where bloggers come to your rescue.

3 Best CBD Dog Treats [Reviews]

CBD dog treats are a wonderful way of giving your canine friend that perfect dose of CBD. They come in wonderfully flavored, colorful variants, packed with different concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids to allow your pet to quickly feel better.

To make sure you give your pet the best of what nature has to offer, you would want to choose from these Top Brands of CBD Dog Treats.

#1. Fab CBD Dog Treats: #1 Pick & High Quality

fab cbd dog chews

Fab CBD’s crunchy, yummy, multi-flavored, multi-utility dog treats are sourced from non-GMO hemp, grown in Colorado.

The treats are devoid of corn, wheat, soy, coconut, and dairy, making them vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and suitable for all kinds of dogs and their health conditions.

Made from organically sourced hemp, these products are tested and retested by third-party laboratories that testify for their purity, safety, potency, effectiveness, and balanced formulation.


●       3mg/treat

●       150mg in all (50 treats/packet)


●       Calm & Cool: Peanut Butter Apple

●       Skin & Coat: Salmon

●       Active Immune: Chicken


●       Calm & Cool (Relieves Anxiety; peanut butter- and apple-flavored): Oats, peanut butter, apples, tapioca syrup, coconut oil, passionflower, chamomile, organically grown hemp extracts (No corn, wheat, or soy)

●       Skin & Coat (Improves skin and coat health; salmon-flavored): Oats, salmon, flaxseed, tapioca syrup, coconut oil, salmon oil, organically grown hemp extracts (No corn, wheat, or soy)

●       Active Immune (Enhances immunity to fight against seasonal allergies, as well as against pain and inflammation; chicken-flavored): Oats, chicken, flaxseed, tapioca syrup, bone broth, coconut oil, turmeric, milk thistle extract, organically grown hemp extracts (No corn, wheat, or soy)

Hemp Source: Colorado, US

Extract type: Broad-Spectrum CBD Blend

Lab Tests: ProVerde Laboratories


●       Single pack of any type: $34 ($0.23/mg)

●       Bundle of 3 (one of each type): $87 ($0.19/mg)

Coupon: RADAR20 for 20% off.

 Visit Fab CBD to Buy CBD Treats for Your Dogs.

#2. Holistapet Dog Treats- Organic CBD Treats

holistapet dog chews

Holistapet, which makes CBD products only for animals, makes its dog treats organic, vegan-friendly, as well as gluten- and dairy-free. You will find its products’ lab test reports on their website.

Although the brand’s website does contain some information on CBD dosage, these calculations are meant only for their tinctures – not for the treats, like most other brands.

However, the brand makes up by offering free shipping, no matter how big or small the order is, and delivers all items within 3 – 5 days of placing the order.


●       5mg CBD/treat

●       150mg in all (30 treats/packet)


●       Stress & Anxiety Relief: Green apple & peanut butter flavor

●       Joint & Mobility Care: Pumpkin spice & cinnamon flavor

●       Heart & Immune Care: Blueberry & sweet potato flavor


●       Stress & Anxiety Relief: L-Theanine, chamomile, hemp seed powder, CBD oil, peanut butter, organic applesauce, brown rice flour, molasses, cinnamon, coconut oil

●       Joint & Mobility Care: Turmeric root, Boswellia, hemp seed powder, CBD oil, pumpkin puree, brown rice flour, molasses, cinnamon, coconut oil

●       Heart & Immune Care: Blueberries, flaxseed, hemp seed powder, CBD oil, sweet potatoes, rolled o, brown rice flour, molasses, cinnamon, coconut oil

Hemp Source: Colorado, US

Extract type: Full-Spectrum CBD Blend (in effect broad-spectrum, as they do not contain any THC)

Lab Tests: pH Solutions, LLC


●       Single pack: $24.95 ($0.16/mg)

●       Bundle of 3 (all of any one time): $67.36 ($0.15/mg)

Coupon: ALLCBD15 to get 15% Off.

 Visit Holistapet to Buy CBD Dog Treats

#3. Joy Organics Dog Treats- Most Innovative

joy organics dog chews

From its humble beginnings at a retail shop in Colorado, Joy Smith and her husband Todd Smith built what we know as Joy Organics – one of America’s most popular CBD brands – well known for its broad-spectrum cannabinoid products.

Joy Organics’ products are clean, safe, and very effective, besides being fairly priced. The brand provides FREE shipping across the United States and a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Its Dog Treats, which is labeled as Premium CBD Dog Chews are truly of premium quality. Its water-soluble CBD blend makes for easy absorption as soon as it enters your doggo’s body. So you can stop worrying about the delay in effects.


●       2mg of CBD/treat

●       30 treats in each jar

Flavors: Beef-flavored


●       Water-Soluble Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract Powder

●       Water

●       Dried Brewer’s Yeast

●       Glycerin

●       Gum Arabic

●       Sodium Alginate

●       Beef Liver Powder

●       Natural Bacon Flavor

●       Flaxseed Oil

●       Microcrystalline Cellulose

●       Organic Sweet Potato Powder

●       Sunflower Lecithin (Non-GMO)

●       Citrus Pectin

●       Vitamin E

●       Sodium Propionate

●       Calcium Sulfate Dehydrate

●       Natural Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative)

●       Dextrin (Corn Derived).

Hemp Source: Colorado, US

Extract type: Broad-Spectrum CBD Blend

Lab Tests:

●       Aurum Labs

●       Botanacor Services

●       PIXIS Labs

●       PhytaTech Metrics Solution

●       Cannalysis

●       Green™ Scientific Labs

Price: $34.95, i.e. $0.58/mg

Coupon: ALLCBD15 for 15% Off

 Visit Joy Organics to Buy CBD Dog Treats

Choosing CBD Treats for Dogs

Partnered with The Cannabis Radar to help you choose the best cbd products for your pupper, Depending on the way they are administered, dog-friendly CBD products are available in different forms:

●       You can give them as CBD oil tinctures

●       Add CBD oil to their food or water

●       Give them CBD edibles, like soft chewies or hard treats

●       Add CBD soft gel capsules to their food

●       Apply CBD topicals, like creams, salves, and lotions on affected (painful or inflamed) parts of the body.

Each of these types of administration has its advantages and disadvantages.

●       While the tinctures taken sublingually are more effective and remain so for around 7 – 8 hours, it is difficult to administer it under your dog’s tongue.

●       Adding CBD oil in the water or food is good enough too, but takes a little longer to take effect.

●       Softgel capsules inserted into the food can also be effective if your dog isn’t a picky eater. Even then capsules still have to go through your digestive system to reach the bloodstream.

●       Topicals are good, but only effective in small parts, i.e. where they are applied.

●       CBD in edibles, like chewies or treats, do take time to interact with the body but are the most convenient method of administering CBD, ensuring that it reaches the destination. They are tasty and chewy and dogs love them.

Obviously, CBD treats are often the most-preferred CBD product among both pets and the pet-parents (of course for their dogs).

Unique Formulation: The formulations used by the different CBD brands for their Dog Treats vary quite a bit, depending on various factors, like:

●       Source of Hemp

●       Strain of Hemp

●       Process of Extraction

●       Extract Type

●       Ingredients (Depending on what issues is being targeted)

●       Manufacturing process

●       Filtration of the End-Product to cut away the contaminants, and in some cases THC

●       Lab Testing

Depending on these factors, each brand of CBD Dog Treats will be different from the others by their

●       Potency

●       CBD Concentration

●       Purity

●       Safety

●       Effectiveness

That means each of the brands’ formulations will react differently to your dog’s health.

Apart from all these factors, there is also the price that the pet parents have to pay for these dog treats. All these aspects matter immensely while choosing the Best CBD Treat for your Dogs.

Why are CBD Treats Better than CBD Oils for Dogs?

As discussed earlier, dogs can be given CBD in four different ways – CBD-infused tinctures, CBD soft gel capsules, CBD topical creams, and CBD treats.

Now, it’s true that CBD tinctures are the most effective and the fastest-acting among all these options. They are easy to dose with the help of the dropper and the dosage is always precise. Still, treats are far more popular than tinctures. The reasons are:

●       Dogs love yummy treats. The sight and flavor of treats make them drool. So, you can be sure your dog won’t make a fuss, just like he would in the case of tinctures. You won’t need to make sure he keeps his mouth open until the exact number of drops are placed into his mouth. Tinctures are easier to give smaller dogs you can hold in your arms while administering the doses or in case of superbly obedient fur kids who patiently take all medications, aren’t scared of syringes, or don't make a fuss during bath time – unlikely right? That’s exactly why it is easier to use treats that dogs naturally love.

●       Doses (mg of CBD per treat) are more precise in treats than using a dropper like in case of tinctures. This makes for easy dosing of your canine companion.

●       Unlike CBD oils, treats come in better, more dog-friendly flavors, are crunchy, and the dog can be kept engaged with it for a longer time. Treats are particularly more efficient in treating dogs with anxiety issues, like separation anxiety. Give him the exact number of treats, let him gnaw and chew at it, and by the time he is done with it, he won’t miss your absence so much!

●       Unlike CBD tinctures, treats easily pack in more naturally sourced, superfood ingredients, which can offer comfort and relief from different kinds of conditions – many more than tinctures can! These can be a good addition to your dog’s daily wellness needs.

●       The effects of a CBD treat last longer than a CBD tincture (which though act faster, wear off more quickly as well).


However, if you’re planning on dosing your fur babies with CBD treats, you need to remember a couple of downsides too!

●       Treats take a little longer than tinctures to act on the body and mind of your canine friend. Tinctures take about 20 minutes to start acting at full intensity, whereas treats take around 40 minutes (varies as per the strength, ingredients, and formulation of the product). In case of intense pain or inflammation, drops under the tongue may be a better option over treats.

●       Since edible CBD interacts with the liver enzymes (CYP450), there is a chance that it may hinder the actions of any other medication that your dog may be on, because most medications depend on the same liver enzymes to get metabolized and reach the bloodstream. [Note: You may not have to worry about drug interactions if you keep the dosage of CBD a little low (calculated as per body weight).

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs too suffer from usual physical and mental issues, such as pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, indigestion, loss of appetite, joint dysfunction, etc. and like humans, canines too, react well to CBD.

Although, not a lot of scientific evidence is available, some evidence of CBD being able to manage difficult-to-treat health issues among dogs, such as: 

●       Neuropathic Pain, including Joint & Back Pain

●       Cardiac Issues

●       Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

●       Epileptic Seizures

●       Sleep Disturbances

●       Nausea, Vomiting & Bowel Movement

Admittedly, there are very few studies on CBD’s effects on dogs. Most of them were on rats and humans. Nevertheless, a few studies have proven that CBD can be safely administered in dogs and that canine guts have what it takes to trigger a positive response in their endocannabinoid system.

That brings us to the topic of dosage. How to dose your fur kid, how to make sure the dosage is effective enough, and won’t have adverse effects on his or her body (and mind)? 

Read on to find out…

CBD Dosage for Dogs

Like humans, CBD reacts differently to different dogs, even if the formulation being used is the same. Just like in the case of humans, there is no specific dosage for dogs.

Besides, CBD is not an FDA-approved (US Food and Drug Administration) substance. FDA has made it very clear that no company can sell CBD as a drug or food supplement to either humans or animals.

All you can do is try the trial-and-error method to ascertain the right dosage for each of your specific pets. 

The only difference between CBD dosage for a dog and that for a human is that the former requires a much lower amount of any cannabinoid to take effect. That is why THC is more dangerous for animals than it is for humans. For humans, THC’s effects are enjoyable. But that is not the case with animals. In fact, THC can be fatal for a dog, whose endocannabinoid system (ECS) is far more perceptive than that of a human.

While most CBD brands that sell products for dogs, offer approximate dosage instructions, depending on their overall weight – small, medium, and large dogs, please remember this is only an approximation.

The average dosage, recommended by most brands, is 0.1 – 0.2mg of CBD per pound of your dog’s total weight. That is to say, if your dog weighs around 25 pounds, you can administer around 4.5mg – 5mg of CBD in a single dose. 

Side Effects of CBD on Dogs

Dogs don’t generally experience any life-threatening risks from the use of CBD oil or CBD products.

We must remember that anything we put into our body can have adverse effects – and that includes food and drinks too! CBD is no different!

Then, there is the chance of overdosing. Although overdosing on CBD is rare, and doesn’t usually have too adverse an effect, the presence of THC (full-spectrum extracts) can make your dog “high”. Dogs don’t do “high” (and the associated hallucinations) very well! They become very anxious, their heart rate skyrockets, and they may not be able to handle it. Even if they are lucky and their heart does not stop beating, they may bump into solid objects in their vicinity and grievously injure themselves.

Pure CBD (better known as CBD isolates) are safer, but their effects are far less potent. That is why most pet parents prefer broad-spectrum CBD products over the other options.

Like for humans, CBD can cause certain side effects, like an allergic reaction, in some parts of the body. They include:

1.       Parched throat and/or mouth: Make sure to keep a bowl full of water somewhere nearby. CBD sometimes tends to make dogs feel very thirsty. So much so, he may keep drinking like he isn’t getting his fill of water. Sometimes, a large bowl of water that he may take over 12 hours may be done in one go!

2.     Drowsiness or Sleepiness: A sure sign of your dog experiencing CBD’s side effects is when you see your adult dog sleeping like he did when he was a puppy. This may suggest that he has been given (or accidentally taken, given that treats are so yummy!) too high a dose. While CBD can most certainly calm down a hyperactive dog, it could also make him drowsy or sleepy, usually noticeable within an hour of being administered with CBD.

3.      Low blood pressure: You will know your dog is experiencing this side effect when you see him/her bumping into odd objects in the house that he usually averts expertly or walking in a wobbly kind of way. Lowering of blood pressure causes difficulty in walking and navigating a path with obstructions, like fixed household objects that he is usually accustomed to walking past with ease.

4.     Excessive Itching: This is a sign that the CBD product may have THC. If this happens, you should lower the dosage. If the itching persists, stop giving him CBD and take him to the doctor.

5.     Mild Vomiting: This is also suggestive of the presence of THC in the CBD product. If the vomiting continues for over 4 hours, you should take him to the doctor.

If you notice your pup experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to lower the dosage. If you suspect the CBD product contains THC, which may be the case if you’ve given him CBD treats marketed by a brand of less repute, you must change the CBD brand immediately.

To be on the safe side, if you want to give your dog CBD treats, it would be wise to:

1.       Initiate your pet to CBD with a very low dose, and titrate upwards until you see the desired effect. Never give him a little more in hopes that he will remain calm for a little longer. It may have all the adverse effects we discussed.

2.     Consult your pet’s veterinarian. A vet who is acquainted with your pet’s health conditions will be in a better position to suggest if CBD will help or harm him/her. Also, ask your vet to recommend a good brand or check out our list of Best CBD Dog Treats. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Parting Thoughts – Keep Your Dog Healthy & Safe

If you’re considering giving your dog CBD, first ask yourself – “Why does he/she need CBD?”

While CBD is known for maintaining homeostasis, i.e. overall wellness, it is best to look at it from the perspective of a doctor. 

The question isn’t what harm CBD can cause (it doesn’t usually do canines any harm as long as it’s given in moderation), but what good can it do to my dog.

So, consult your doctor before giving your pet CBD, and stay vigilant during the initial days of giving your dog CBD. This would make sure your dog gets the best out of natural cannabinoids – and none of their side effects!

After all, you would want to see your dog safe and healthy.