Ragin' Romm

Collide-a-ScapeBy Keith KloorNov 4, 2009 1:30 AM


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[UPDATE: The Breakthrough Institute weighs in and issues a challenge to the media and climate advocates.] Okay, I was really hoping to leave all this unpleasant Joe Romm stuff behind. I'm gratified by the emails of support I've received from colleagues and the public show of support. (See here and here for two that I particularly appreciate.) But this thing seems to be taking on a life of its own, as other climate bloggers have picked up on the battle between me and Romm. Notably, William Connolley started a thread last night and I've felt obligated to engage it. Romm evidently didn't like the direction of the thread, so he recently jumped in, essentially cutting and pasting from his original blog attack. But it's worth reading again in this context to see the comments to Romm in parens from Connolley. I should also mention that Romm took additional shots at me last night in the comments section of his blog. I responded shortly thereafter, but he thus far has decided not to let it pass his censor. So I'll just post my response below. As you can see, it also lists the date and time I emailed it to Climate Progress: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

November 3, 2009 at 12:48 am

Joe, Other than yourself (though I recall you claiming numerous times that you do not want to be called an environmentalist), can you tell me what enviros I have supposedly "smeared"? This is the first time anyone has brought this to my attention. I know you referred to David Roberts in your original post as being one of them. I'll have to check with David on that one, as I think he might disagree. At least I hope he would. And for the record, I believe Roberts is a huge talent: first rate mind, truly excellent writer. For example, just look at the post he recently wrote diagnosing why the climate bill is being strangled of credibility and probably doomed to not passing. That said, he's a big boy and not everything he writes is green gospel, right? Is it okay to make occasional criticism of posts of his or would that always constitute a "smearing"? I'd especially like to know with respect to his latest post. And while we're on the subject of smears, I'd be curious to know if you ever thought that calling Roger Pielke Jr."the most debunked person in the science blogosphere" might be a smear? I only ask because I don't think I've ever made such a bold and blanket assertion in any post I've written. Can I issue that kind of statement about someone, safe in the knowledge that it is not a smear? So aside from Roberts, please tell me what other enviros I've "smeared" and do provide the links, please. Oh, and thanks for clearing up that confusion about the missing "denier" and "delayer" text. (What a relief to hear I'm just a delayer!) I can't imagine that me mentioning your deletions in my blog had something to do with you releasing my comment nearly a day after I sent it to you. I do hope you see your way to releasing this comment in a more timely manner than the last one, because I'd rather not have to post it on my obscure blog, where it stands much less of a chance of being read.

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