Another Thing BP Can't Do Right: Photoshop

DiscoblogBy Joseph CalamiaJul 22, 2010 2:54 AM


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Notice anything weird in this picture from a BP website of Gulf relief photos? We'll give you a hint: Look at the the upper left. That's right; there's a control tower in the window of a flying helicopter.

As directed by the blog Gizmodo, take a closer look at the high-res version. A screen on the cockpit clearly indicates "Check Status / door open / parking brake / ramp open." Meanwhile, the photo's caption on the BP site reads: "View of the MC 252 site from the cockpit of a PHI S-92 helicopter 26 June 2010." If not this relief helicopter, something sure is up. In a story that has since gone viral, John Aravosis at AMERICAblog appears to have first spotted the traces of poorly executed Photoshop jobs in several BP pictures from the Gulf oil spill. The blog also shows inserted screens and pasted-in images of the busted oil well on Houston command center monitors. Follow those links for all the damning visuals. As reported by The Washington Post, BP spokesperson Scott Dean said that a photographer working for the company had used Photoshop to insert the Houston command center photos and that it was not normal company use of the program, usually reserved for photo correction and cropping.

"We will replace the Photoshopped version currently on bp.com with the original image tonight.... We've instructed our post-production team to refrain from doing this in the future."

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Image: © BP p.l.c.

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